Steve Dillon, 1962-2016

There was a time when I stopped collecting comic books. When I had “grown up” and moved on to other things. Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s I was a huge comic collector and, with my favorite company being DC, I followed the adventures of Batman, Superman, Swamp Thing, and a host of others, religiously. Then came the 90’s and Jim Lee’s X-Men. I was hooked on the spectacle of it all. Enter Image Comics in 1992 and I was picking up every single comic they printed – Spawn, Wildcats, Cyberforce, Savage Dragon, The Maxx, and yes, even, Liefield’s Youngblood. But soon I was growing bored of all the style with no substance. Cool art alone couldn’t sustain me and I hung up my collectors hat for years. Continue reading Steve Dillon, 1962-2016

Marvel NOW! – Week 3

Iron Man is dead. Long live Iron Man.

I’m guessing that the intended surprise reveal in Infamous Iron Man #1 was going to be that Tony Stark had transferred his “essence” into a computer program, right? Civil War II was supposed to have concluded by now and, with it, we were to discover the fate of Iron Man. Instead, we’re still piecing together the aftermath, but rather than riddling our way through various clues (like Von Doom holding the Iron Man mask in that promo poster), we get a flat-out spoiler straight from the Latverian’s mouth.

Okay, so… he IS dead?

This isn’t a complete surprise, of course, as we’d seen the solicits for this book months ago, and already knew that RiRi would also be donning armor as Ironheart. Tony Stark? No trace. But these Marvel scheduling missteps do have a way of detracting from the intended experience. Brian Michael Bendis has teamed up with his Daredevil partner-in-crime, Alex Maleev, to bring us a fresh take on the replacement-superhero storyline. But instead of Bucky Barnes picking up the shield for Steve Rogers, or Dick Grayson donning the cowl for Bruce Wayne, this is Doctor freaking Doom picking up Tony Stark’s mantle to do “what needs to be done.” And somewhere along the way, I suspect we’ll gain valuable insight into Doom’s motivations, explore his relationship with his mother, and finally learn how he fixed his face in the post-Secret Wars era. Sounds like a great series! I just wish I wasn’t so distracted by the casual Civil War II reveal.

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The Holy Bee Recommends, #15: “Andy & Don”

Holy Bee of Ephesus

r960-e3e07f80eaa2dd7cdb9cc4355d2faeb4I had seen this book, published last November, kicking around the shelves for a few months before I gave it a chance. I had never been much of an Andy Griffith Show fan. Syndicated reruns of it ran through my childhood, usually packaged with what I considered the superior show, The Dick Van Dyke Show. I much preferred the snappy pace and rapid-fire witticisms of Van Dyke over the pokey, measured plodding of Griffith. I remember the reruns always airing at noon, so it was a summer vacation show for me. My older sister liked it, so I had to get through it in order to get to Dick Van Dyke at 12:30. But from a more adult perspective, I realize that what I saw as the show’s weaknesses were actually its virtues.

The dual biography Andy & Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American…

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