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Ghostmann’s (LEAST) Favorite Scenes: Rogue One

Ghostmann mixes it up this week, and, in honor of Star Wars Day, here’s a look at one of his least favorite scenes, from one of his least favorite movies. May the Fourth be with you, but may Rogue One steer clear of your television screen.

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Comic book movies have been around since, well since comic books, but it wasn’t until 2000’s X-Men that the genre finally found its voice and took hold. In that seminal movie, one of comicdom’s most popular creations, Wolverine, was brought to life by Hugh Jackman. Seventeen years later, Wolverine’s cinematic character arc has reached its destination in Logan , Hugh Jackman’s swan song.

Loosely based on Mark Millar’s comic book storyline “Old Man Logan,” the film is its own entity and stands as a powerful piece of cinema. Director James Mangold has severed all superhero movie conventions with one “snikt” of his claws. Logan doesn’t play by the rules set by previous films (Iron Man, Avengers) and it is a welcome breath of fresh air. No world-ending threat, no cosmic conflicts, no endless battles. None of that here, just a solid story about the loss of hope and the price of redemption. Continue reading Logan