I’ve decided to subject myself to 31 days of horror films for the month of October. It will be a mix of rewatching stuff I haven’t seen in a while and brand new things. Day 28:

A FIELD IN ENGLAND (2013) – dir. Ben Wheatley

Like when I wrote about Jeremy Saulnier for MURDER PARTY, director Ben Wheatley is one of those filmmakers now that I will see anything like make. A FIELD IN ENGLAND is a bold film just because the plot doesn’t sound like something most people will be into watching. A black and white movie set in mid-17th century England during their Civil War about two alchemists going to psychotropic war.

If that sentence interests you, we can be friends and you will enjoy this movie. The film itself feels so raw and horrifying that even before shit starts hitting the fan you are very uncomfortable. The whole thing opens with a very really warning about the film including “flashing images and stroboscopic sequences” that is sure as hell delivers on.

I don’t want to say too much but if cults, mysticism, and just psychedelic imagery are your thing you will enjoy this. Imagine Col. Kurtz from APOCALYPSE NOW being an alchemist and leading a magic journey of torture. I really like the film but understand it’s not for everyone.