Meet the Holy Bee


Check 1-2-3. Is this thing on?

*Long pause*


Isey here, and here we go again. I’ve penned more introductions to Idle Time/Holy Bee-oriented websites than I’ve had hot breakfasts. Take a look around the internet…

…that’s long enough, you pervert. What do you see, besides lots and lots of porn? That’s right, desiccated corpses of message boards. Empty husks of blogs, with the last update dating from 2006. These sad reminders of how easy it is to start– and then forget– a web project litter the landscape like Fago bottles after an ICP concert. The Institute of Idle Time was almost one of them. The IT Google Group turned into Frisbee golf circle-jerk, which drove everything of substance away, and the “official” website also dwindled into obsolescence, like an old GeoCities X-Files fan page from 1998. (There was a sad lack of hot Gillian Anderson .jpegs on the IT website, though.)

However, I’m pleased to report that the venerable Institute of Idle Time has a new web presence here at WordPress, where we will provide enough music reviews and pop-culture piffle to choke a horse (if that’s your idea of a good time) until everyone loses interest again in about four to five months.

This will also be the alternate home for my wickedly self-indulgent blog Holy Bee of Ephesus, which has been a Blogspot fixture for the past two years. You’ll get features such as The Holy Bee Recommends, Books of the Holy Bee, the epic ongoing examination of music of the 1990’s This Used To Be My Playground, and other random bullshit. It will all appear here — in the form of new entries, and also posts from my cobwebby Archives to get the Holy Bee novice up to speed.

The other Holy Bee “alternate home” on LiveJournal is about to be shut down. I was lured into using LiveJournal by meeting someone who keeps a very literate, well-informed blog on current events there. As it turns out, the person I met was the only living human being who keeps a literate, well-informed blog on LiveJounral. LiveJournal is actually 90% fat, acne-riddled goth girls writing about goth shit, and 10% undecipherable typing by recent Ukrainian immigrants who contribute by tapping lightly on their keyboards with their penises after a long night of huffing nail varnish. Stellar company for some, but not a class act like the Holy Bee of Ephesus. So goodbye, LiveJournal, hello WordPress!

More to come — very soon — from the pen of the Holy Bee…

(Hopefully, this entry will be the first thing that comes up when someone enters “Frisbee golf circle-jerk” into a search engine.)