Ghostmann’s Top 5 Cats!

In the current issue of DC’s Animal Man (one of the best of the New 52), there happens to be a talking cat, which naturally got me thinking about doing a top 5 list of cats in fiction that talk (or in some cases drive).

#5. Fritz the Cat

Ever see that documentary Crumb? About the underground comic book creator Robert Crumb? If so then you know that that dude was a little on the fucked up side. Crumb is responsible for the creation of Fritz but it was Ralph Bakshi’s 1972 animated film adaptation that made Fritz a star. The only cartoon cat to star in an X-Rated movie. See for yourself…

#4. Snagglepuss

Heavens to murgatroid! Snagglepuss could very well be the first gay cartoon character, homosexual even. I love the collar with the bow tie and cufflinks and nothing else. Very Chippendales. Let’s exit stage left and check out a clip of ol’ Snaggle in action!

#3. Chester, The vampire hunter!

In the novel Bunnicula, The Monroe family finds box filled with dirt and a sleeping rabbit. A note is also found in the box that states that the rabbit’s name is Bunnicula! They decide to take the little fucker home. What they don’t know, or are too stupid to see, is that Bunnicula is a goddamn vampire rabbit that sucks the juices out of vegetables. When tomatoes and carrots start turning up white, drained of all color, the Monroe family cat Chester, takes matters into his own hands and becomes a regular Van Helsing. To quote Chester, “Today vegetables, tomorrow the world!”


#2. Rufus, The Fucked Up Cat from Re-Animator!

Sure this cat doesn’t talk, but I’m pretty sure he holds the distinction of being the only zombie cat ever portrayed on film. Poor Rufus made the mistake of wandering into Dr. Herbert West’s laboratory looking for some kibbles and bits. What he got was a syringe full of glowing green re-animator fluid. The result is one of the funniest cat attack scenes in film history. Let’s watch shall we…

#1. Toonces

The driving cat. Nuff said.