Beatle Battle! Third Round Bouts – Division 1: The Clean Cut Years

Sure I call Division 1 “The Clean Cut Years” but The Beatles were far from clean-cut lads. During their early years John, Paul, George, Pete, and Stu spent a lot of time in Hamburg Germany fucking prostitutes, popping pills, lighting condoms on fire, and getting thrown in jail. They were pretty much headed for a VH1 Behind The Music special – but luckily Brian Epstein came to see them play and took them under his wing.  Throw in a new haircut from their friend Astrid, and The Beatles went on to become the biggest band in the history of the world.

There are 4 divisions for the songs:

DIVISION 1: The Clean Cut Years

These are songs from the first 3 Beatles albums –Please Please Me, With The Beatles, and Hard Days Night.

DIVISION 2: The Shaggy Years

These are songs from the next 3 Beatles albums –Beatles For SaleHelp, and Rubber Soul

DIVISION 3: The Mustache Years

These are songs from the middle 3 Beatles albums – RevolverSgt Peppers, and Magical Mystery Tour

DIVISION 4: The Beard Years

These are songs from the last 3 Beatles albums – The Beatles (The White Album), Abbey Road, and Let It Be

After each Division crowns one song as the winner, those songs will battle each other in the final fight to determine which Beatles song is the BEST! Enough talk, let’s get to the battles!


Division 1: The Clean Cut Years


Hard Days Night


Can’t Buy Me Love


All My Loving


Things We Said Today