AvX Contest: Week 1 Scoring Update

Eat it, kid.

It didn’t take long for the scoring opportunities to pop up in our AvX Pick ’em Points Pool. Even before the actual “versus” action unfolds, Cyclops gives that bratty Hope kid an optic blast to the gut.

The following contest entrants, who all successfully predicted that “Cyclops optic-blasts a fellow X-Man,” are up 5 points after just one week and a single issue. Remember: everyone can score an easy two points just by liking The Institute and our partner in this endeavor, Comics & Collectibles, on Facebook. And if you’re heading over to the C&C Facebook page, you can check out pictures from Tuesday’s Avengers vs. X-Men Launch Party. Thanks to Gene, Pam, Rex, and Erik for making it happen!

  • Devin T. 5 pts
  • Brien B. 5 pts
  • Josh D. 5 pts
  • Maricus C. 5 pts
  • Kyle D. 5 pts
  • Rob O. 5 pts
  • Brian H. 5 pts
  • Reg Y. 5 pts
  • Josh M. 5 pts
  • Ricky V. 5 pts
  • Daniel S. 5 pts
  • Tony K. 5 pts
  • Chris B. 5 pts
  • James R. 5 pts