AvX Contest: Week 3 Scoring Update

Dented face, courtesy of Cap.

This week gives us three books under the AvX banner: Wolverine and the X-Men 9, Avengers 25, and the second “round” of the main series, Avengers vs. X-Men 2.

Check out those tie-in books, True Believers. Jason Aaron just might be the best there is at what he does. And what he does is write Wolverine. Bendis is united with a real legend on this Avengers book. Welcome back, Walt Simonson. I could make the same “best there is” comment about you and drawing Thor. But what we’re really waiting for is that second issue of the limited series and the expected showdown between Captain America and Cyclops.

The panel of judges has determined that the exchange between these two team captains qualifies as an official “bout” for contest scoring purposes. All that remains, then, is to decide on an outcome.

Yeah, Cap is dripping wet after a “magnetic fastball special” visits the Helicarrier, but this match is a virtual no-contest. Cap connects first with a flying shield to the dome, denting Cyke’s visor and giving him a concussion. Every ruby-red bolt is bounced off vibranium-adamantium alloy, until said alloy bounces into Cyclops’ face. And with the good Captain standing over a prostrate Cyclops, the X-Men leader calls for what appears to be a getaway play via Magik. Whether or not that was the intention (and I wish we had anticipated a Dr. Strange-Magik battle on the ballot), the outcome of this particular brawl seems clear. Decision: Captain America.

Don't let Mom catch you, you crazy kids.

No plot twist points this week, although we had another close call in the pages of Avengers. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman go at it like ninth-graders behind the bleachers, but Iron Man doesn’t seem to give a shit. Like my buddy Gene says: “Who’s the hottest chick on the Avengers roster right now? Then Hawkeye’s banging her.” And Tony Stark is jealous.

Spider-Woman isn’t a mutant, and Cap isn’t on hand to be “disappointed in a fellow Avenger.” So close, on two separate predictions. But no dice.

The leaders after Week 3:

  • Devin T. 8 pts
  • Ricky V. 8 pts
  • Chris B. 8 pts
  • Tony K. 8 pts
  • Rob O. 8 pts
  • Kyle D. 8 pts
  • Maricus C. 8 pts

SNIKT Counter: 1