Record Store Day 2012: Top 5 Exclusives

Tomorrow marks the first of my two favorite spring Saturdays. Since 2007, the third Saturday in April has celebrated independent record stores around the world with exclusive vinyl pressings, re-issues, and live performances. April 21, 2012, is Record Store Day. Dust off the turntables, and wake up early, because with runs as low as 1000 copies on some sexy seven-inches, there won’t be much left on the racks come April 22.

The next big brick-and-mortar blowout happens the first Saturday in May. Don’t worry: expect a post on Free Comic Book Day 2012 in the very near future.

Here are the five exclusives atop my wishlist:

5. M83 – “Mirror” (Mute) 7″ etched disc

M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming dropped in at eighth on Idle Time’s favorite records of 2011, and the standout single “Midnight City” was on the shortlist for Top 100 songs of the Idle Time Decade. The also great “Mirror,” a hidden track on Dreaming, gets the limited edition etched vinyl treatment tomorrow. Limited to 2000.

4. The Clash – “London Calling” 2012 (Sony) 7″

It’s almost Olympics time! Funny hats, random prop bets, and cheesy anthems! This year, war is declared and a meltdown’s expected, because The Clash’s “London Calling” is ramping up international animosity as the official tune of the London Games. Mick Jones remixed the original track for this 7″ release, which also features an instrumental version on the b-side. Yes, this is a blatant attempt to milk Clash fans for money, but this is one of my single favorite songs of all time, and I do love competition on the world stage. Half sucker, half curious. Plus, the sleeve looks bad-ass. Limited to 4900.

3. Ra Ra Riot / Delicate Steve – “Valerie” / “The Big Ship” (Barsuk) 7″ hand numbered white vinyl

RRR feat. Delicate Steve covering Winwood’s “Valerie” on the a-side, and Steve with a Riot accompaniment covering Eno’s “The Big Ship” on the reverse. You know who’s going to absolutely love hearing these songs when I drop them into the mix for Top Tracks of 2012? The Holy Bee. He fucking loves Eno almost as much as he loves indie cover tunes. Wish me luck, though, because there are only going to be 400 of these bad boys out in the world tomorrow.

2. The White Stripes – “Hand Springs” / “Red Death at 6:14” (Third Man) 7″ black and red swirled vinyl

Between their self-titled debut and 2000’s De Stijl, The White Stripes released the now-collector’s item single “Hand Springs” on a split with a song by The Dirtbombs. For RSD ’12, Jack White’s record label will be re-releasing the track with another previously hard to find tune on the b-side. This is a “red vinyl with black whisps edition” and I have no idea how many have been pressed. So wish me luck. If any of you happen to be in Nashville tomorrow, go to Third Man Records and getchoo the super-rare liquid-filled vinyl. You’ll be the coolest person I know.

1. Saturday Looks Good To Me – All Your Summer Songs (Polyvinyl) LP 180 gram white vinyl

Good news, everyone! SLGTM’s seminal ’03 LP is back on vinyl! I can finally get my hands on a copy. Better news, everyone! Polyvinyl is re-releasing the album on white vinyl to celebrate the fact that SLGTM is back together! A spring tour is in the works, as well as a new album. 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year for music, my Idle Time friends. Limited to 1000.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?