AvX Contest: Week 4 Scoring Update

General Ross eats Russkie punks like you for breakfast.

Four weeks in on Idle Time’s Avengers vs. X-Men contest, and we already have our fourth one-on-one duel to officiate. This week, thanks to the first issue of the AvX Vs: mini-series, the judging is conveniently taken out of our hands, with “winner” clearly stated at the conclusion of each of the comic’s two battles.

The main card focuses on one of the off-camera contests from AvX 2. Tony Stark, man in the Iron Suit, versus Magneto, Master of Magnetism. No contest? You’d be right, if you picked the second-smartest guy in the Marvel U to take the day’s honors. Decision: Iron Man.

The Thing takes on a familiar foe in the back-up battle. Despite Namor’s homefield advantage, the ever-loving blue-eyed Ben Grimm emerges from the San Francisco bay after having been declared the winner, “for now…” Decision: The Thing.

Another Skrull? Or halfway to event points?

The other tie-ins this week: Uncanny X-Men 11, Secret Avengers 26, and New Avengers 25.

Bendis sets up an intriguing Iron Fist-Phoenix connection in New, and we’re halfway to checking off event points for the “Two characters come back from the dead” prediction thanks to Remender’s Secret. Is that the real Captain Marvel? Or another Secret Invasion-style ruse? Lots of contest entrants chose this plot twist, so we’ll pay special attention to the resurrected hero’s storyline.

An even better one-on-one bout than anything in the main books filled the pages of Gillen and Land’s Uncanny this week. One of our “anticipated” bouts in fact: the ragin’ Red Hulk taking on the demon-bound Colossus. As soon as Cytorrak gets nasty on the earthly plane, it starts to get dicey for Thunderbolt Ross, but in the end, it’s Rojo Grande stomping back on shore. Decision: Red Hulk.

If you’ve been paying attention that means, so far, it’s Avengers: 4, X-Men: 0. Take that, Children of the Atom. And if you’re really paying attention, here are the contest leaders through week 4:

  • Maricus C. 14 pts
  • Tony K. 14 pts
  • Chris B. 14 pts
  • Carly W. 12 pts
  • Tyler 12 pts
  • Ricky V. 11 pts
  • Kyle D. 11 pts
  • Josh D. 11 pts
  • Brian H. 11 pts
  • Josh M. 11 pts
  • Rob O. 11 pts

SNIKT Counter: 1