AvX Contest: Week 5 Scoring Update

This is how I say “I’m disappointed in you” with my fist.

No formal bouts to adjudicate this week (at least, none that we set up on the ballot; had Magik vs. Doctor Strange been an option, the X-Men would have had their first tally in the win column). There’s still some fun action to report, and, so long as you’re enjoying the ride, the third issue of Aaron and Romita Jr.’s Avengers vs. X-Men doesn’t disappoint.

Speaking of disappointing…

Last week Cap missed an opportunity at being disappointed in Hawkeye and Spider-Woman’s mid-crisis makeout session. This week, he lets Wolverine know how disappointed he is in the hairy bastich’s insistence on extreme measures with a fist to the face and a mid-flight quinjet ejection. And… it counts. I’ll admit, the judges had to deliberate a bit longer here, since the actual words “disappointed in” weren’t spoken, but, ultimately, Gene won the argument. “If this doesn’t say Cap is disappointed in a fellow Avenger, nothing does.” So… score it, fans. Five points for all entrants who predicted this eventuality.

The only other AvX book this week was Avengers Academy 29. It’s a decent comic, but doesn’t really add anything to the overall storyline. Longtime X-fans, or anyone who read up on the whole Phoenix Saga in anticipation, will love the final splash page, however.

Here are the leaders through week 5. Note that the bonus points for liking The Institute or Comics & Collectibles on Facebook haven’t been factored in yet. Which means, of course, that some of you still have a chance of adding a quick two points to your total. Get on that.

  • Maricus C. 19 pts
  • Carly W. 17 pts
  • Josh M. 16 pts
  • Brian H. 16 pts
  • Josh D. 16 pts
  • Ricky V. 16 pts
  • Ron L. 14 pts
  • Janson W. 14 pts
  • Gus P. 14 pts
  • Josh C. 14 pts
  • Brian S. 14 pts
  • Tony K. 14 pts
  • Chris B. 14 pts

SNIKT Counter: 3