AvX Contest: Week 6 Scoring Update

Another relatively quiet week in the AvX world. Bendis’s The New Avengers 26 adds more to the Iron Fist-Phoenix connection, and presents an interesting dark horse MVP candidate in the person of Leonardo da Vinci. Gage’s X-Men Legacy 266 seems like it should have presented us with a scoring opportunity… but looks can be deceiving. The fight between She-Hulk and Rogue (an “anticipated bout” on your score card) never really gets going. After the initial engagement, the Avengers bring in their “secret weapon,” spoiling any hope at extended green-tinted one-on-one bashing in the next issue. For clarification: this doesn’t go down as a “draw”; the bout is off for now and no points will be scored. That could all change in coming weeks, though, so stay tuned.

Winners and losers? Let’s hope so. The “draw” option is boring.

On the topic of draws, however, is a great piece of conversation between Cyclops and Wolverine in this week’s third and final tie-in, Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men 10. “There’s gonna be real winners and losers this time.” That’s a great thing to see in print, especially from the guy running the show on this event. Nobody gets excited about a tie. Except European soccer fans. Although I suppose seeing the future of Hope resting on a series of penalty kicks might be fun. Who would each side elect to tend goal?

No points scored this week, so there aren’t any changes to the leader board posted for Week 5. We are imposing a deadline for the Facebook-like bonus points: after next Wednesday, May 16, the points for liking The Institute or Comics & Collectibles will be added to each entrant’s total. After that, you’ll have missed your chance at two free points.

SNIKT Counter: 4