AvX Contest: Week 9 Scoring Update

Although I appreciate the premise of the Vs. series, and am happy to defer to the scripted & printed “winner” acknowledgements regarding one-on-one bouts, I do enjoy the good impromptu ass-kickings. And when Gene left me a voicemail today, mercifully spoiler-free, saying, “Rogue versus She-Hulk, and we’ve got a clear winner,” my eyes widened. Newsflash, contest entrants (for those of you unable to read through the lines): I’m backing Team Avengers. Yes, one of your judges is biased. When it comes to Rogue, however, that white-streaked southern beauty can do no wrong.

Week 9

  • Wolverine and The X-Men 11
  • X-Men Legacy 267

Aaron’s latest installment of Wolverine and The X-Men drops Chris Bachalo for Nick Bradshaw on art detail, and maintains its must-read tie-in status. More from the Shi’ar Death Commandos, and the back-story on Wolverine’s betrayal of Hope from Avengers vs. X-Men 4.

The scoring fun this week comes in the pages of Legacy 267. Christos Gage was being pumped as a writer-to-watch during Civil War, but in the ensuing years I feel like I’ve just been watching him churn out one mediocre book after another. Since taking over for Mike Carey on this book, however, he’s back on my radar. Even if it’s just for choreographing, along with artist Rafa Sandoval, one of the best all-out melees in recent memory. Hey, it’s still comic books. Let’s enjoy it. Especially when the sexiest mutant in Marveldom goes old-school badass to take down Ms. Greenskin. Decision: Rogue.

Leaders through Week 9:

  • Maricus C. 28 pts
  • Carly W. 28 pts
  • Josh D. 23 pts
  • Ricky V. 23 pts
  • Josh M. 22 pts
  • Tyler 21 pts
  • Chris B. 20 pts
  • Janson W. 20 pts
  • J.R. W. 20 pts

I also want to give a special shout out to Brien Bell who must be thoroughly enjoying this event. We all love unexpected twists, and clearly this entire storyline is nothing like Brien expected. He’s batting 1 for 7 in the bouts department and is tied for last with eight points. Go Brien! Yay for surprises!

SNIKT Counter: 8