AvX Contest: Week 13 Scoring Update

As much as I wish our contest-planning brainstorming session had predicted the impending battle between Storm and her soon-to-be-estranged husband Black Panther, I’m glad we had the good sense to expect a rematch between Ms. Marvel and the mutant girl who “ruined her life,” Rogue.

Week 13

  • X-Men Legacy 269
  • Wolverine & The X-Men 12

Hate to say it, but Legacy has turned into the Avengers Academy of the X-books. The interesting plots and intelligent dialogue of the Mike Carey days has faded into mediocrity. This particular issue, at least, seems to have some story details relevant to the main event. Plus I’ve always been a big Rogue fan, so it was rewarding to see her put Ms. Marvel on ice. This was a definitive bout, and even without the Vs. tie-in to announce a scripted winner, it’s pretty clear who came out on top as soon as Danvers gets tossed into Majik’s little chunk of Hell on Earth. Decision: Rogue.

I love that Jason Aaron is still a big part of AvX. Even with Hickman taking over the writing duties on the main series, we get Aaron and Bachalo in the pages of Wolverine & The X-Men. There have been scores of great Wolverine stories over the decades, but Aaron keeps making a case for being the best Howlett handler of them all. Plus fighting, plus Rachel Summers, plus an impending Shi’ar shakedown. Oh, and plus one more SNIKT.

Leaders through week 13:

  • Carly W. 37 pts
  • Chris B. 34 pts
  • Devin T. 33 pts
  • Ricky V. 31 pts
  • Josh D. 29 pts
  • J.R. W. 29 pts
  • Maricus C. 28 pts
  • Patrick O. 27 pts
  • Gus P. 26 pts
  • Josh C. 26 pts
  • Brett W. 26 pts

SNIKT Counter: 14