AvX Contest: Week 14 Scoring Update

we all know how much Namor digs getting his ass handed to him by a woman

We’re past the halfway point of Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men event, and while the Pick ‘Em Points Pool seems to be presenting fewer scoring opportunities in the coming weeks, the time has come to start having serious MVP discussions. This is just one judge thinking out loud, but it’s hard to argue against Cyclops as the point guard/floor general for the Phoenix Five. As for the Avengers, just ask the opposing team who they think is their most formidable foe, and they’ll point firmly at the Scarlet Witch. Wanda, take control of the second half. Your teammates are getting flame-broiled, tossed in hell, and otherwise demoralized. But every X-Man is still afraid of you.

Week 14

  • Avengers vs. X-Men 7
  • Uncanny X-Men 15
Sharing real estate with a fear god, no. But the Phoenix force? Hell yes.

Despite what Namor states vociferously in AvX 7, this affair between mutants and Avengers does seem to be more of a strategy game than battlefield melee. A little Cat & Mouse, a touch Capture the Flag, and a good bit of Smash Each Other in the Face, but still wholly reliant on the brains (and mystical minds) behind the operations. So for real warfare, we get to watch Team Cyclops take on thousands of Mr. Sinisters in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. As an added bonus, we learn the likely answer to the plot twist scoring opportunity: will Cain Marko regain his Juggernaut mantle? The answer is a pretty resounding no.

Leaders through week 14 are unchanged from last week.

SNIKT Counter: 14