AvX Contest: Weeks 19, 20, 21 Scoring Update

It’s the fourth quarter, ref. Swallow your whistle and let ’em play. Give us the highlights, update the scoring, and let us enjoy the last two installments of Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men event.

Week 19

  • New Avengers 29

Week 20

  • Avengers vs. X-Men 10
  • Avengers 29

Week 21

  • Uncanny X-Men 17
the Invaders were a loooong time ago, Cap

Bendis returns to the Mamet-ian dialogue-driven tension that made his contributions to Civil War so successful in week 19’s issue of New Avengers. Gene called it “the best issue where nothing happens.” True: no developments pertinent to the event showdown, and the conversation even pre-dates what eventually goes down with Namor, but these are the kinds of character interactions missing from the focal series. Read.

A week later, however, Bendis drops the worst issue where nothing happens. Or, rather, the issue where something had already happened. As in the Rachel Summers ambush. Sure, Avengers 29 provides the added Professor X insight, which seems as important as finding out where Reed Richards stands (a week earlier), but maybe we could have done it without the irritating sense of deja vu. Avoid.

R.I.P. Nathaniel Essex

The Sinister-Phoenix showdown comes to a resounding climax in this week’s Uncanny X-Men. No surprises here; we all knew any real threat to the Phoenix Five would be reserved for the main storyline. What we weren’t sure about was whether or not the Victorian ponce would survive. He does not. Is he dead? Hell yeah he’s dead. Or, at least, as dead as a character gets in comics. And what does that mean..? Coupled with Captain Marvel’s resurrection and re-death in Secret Avengers, we’ve now satisfied the “two or more characters die” scoring opportunity. This was one of the most popular selections on the ballot, trailing only the reciprocal “two or more characters come back from the dead” and “Wolverine kills Phoenix (whoever it is)” options. One contest entrant who did not elect the two deaths plot twist was last week’s leader Chris B, which means Carly W has quickly leapfrogged back into the lead.

Someone else who didn’t see this coming was Brien B, who, with an almost incredulous 8 total points, continues to make himself at home in the basement as the King of Last Place.

Leaders through week 21:

  • Carly W. 42 pts
  • J.R. W. 39 pts
  • Chris B. 39 pts
  • Ricky V. 36 pts
  • Josh D. 34 pts
  • Maricus C. 33 pts
  • Devin T. 33 pts
  • Josh M. 30 pts
  • Daniel S. 30 pts
  • Brian H. 30 pts

SNIKT Counter: 16

Next update… MVP predictions! Remember? There are two ways to win Idle Time’s AvX contest!