Ghostmann’s Top 50 Films of All Time! Part 2: #40 – 31

The countdown to Number 1 continues!

I made a list of the Top 50 films I love the most – with # 1 being my favorite of all time. Out of a Long List of 250 movies here are the films that made #’s 40 through 31.

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Now, back to the list…..

Jay going “circus seal” on Bob

40. Clerks (1994)

Why? El Mariachi may have ushered in the “Do It Yourself” age of film-making, but Kevin Smith’s Clerks made it clear that it was here to stay. Made for pennies and shot at the video store that Smith was currently working in at the time, it once again proved that if you had the talent (in Smith’s case, it was his flair for dialogue not his cinematography) you could make a movie. Smith would go on to make bigger movies but it’s this one that is his finest work and stands up the best.

Best Scene? Randal’s brilliant rant about Return of the Jedi.

Best Quote?

“My love for you is ticking clock BERSERKER! Would you like to suck my cock BERSERKER!” – Olaf Oleeson

Before hanging out with Captain America and Thor, Scarlett was just a lonely little indie girl in Tokyo.

39. Lost In Translation (2003)

Why? A beautifully shot first film by Sofia Coppola. This might be the perfect date movie for Gen X’ers – odd to say when the May/December love affair, if you can even call it that, never goes anywhere. But man, that last scene when Murray whispers in Johansson’s ear, us dudes in the theater KNEW we were so “in” that night. Thanks Sophia! With a “I know better music than you but not rubbing it your face” soundtrack and off the cuff acting, this movie is a pleasure all the way around.

Best Scene? Suntory time!

Best Quote?

“Am I drinking? As soon as I’m done” – Bob

“Come with me if you want me to grab your ass.”

38. Terminator 2 (1991)

Why? I’ll never forget the sheer joy of watching this movie in the theater opening night. Holy fuck what a blast! Arnold’s best movie by far and one of the best action movies there is. Pre-Jurassic Park CGI helped James Cameron bring the T-1000 to life and help make the 2+ hours go by in a blink. Time travel stories are always a mind trip and get tricky and make you go “wait a second, that can’t happen” – but we didn’t care here – all we wanted was to see Arnold blast the shit out of shit and say awesome catch phrases. And that is what we got.

Best Scene? The whole last 45 mins of this movie is NON-FUCKING-STOP.

Best Quote?

“I swear I will not kill anyone.” – The Terminator

“Maybe I should have gone to LA Ink instead.”

37. Memento (2000)

Why? Before he was making billion dollar grossing blockbusters, Christopher Nolan made this brilliant little art house film that played with linear storytelling more then any other movie ever had. Starting at the “end,” Memento travels 2 steps backward in time, then 1 step forward, then 2 back again (kinda sounds like that Skynard song)  until we reach the “beginning” and we immediately want to watch that shit again.

Best Scene? Where the Carrie Anne Moss character lays into Leonard, calling him a fucking retard and freak, knowing that 5 minutes later he forgets it all and they can be friends again. Poor Leonard.

Best Quote?

“OK, so what am I doing?” [sees Dodd also running] “Oh, I’m chasing this guy.” [Dodd shoots at Leonard] “No… he’s chasing me” – Leonard

Most intense staring contest EVER!

36. Platoon (1986)

Why? I’ve never fought in a war, but I have seen Platoon and know I never fucking want to fight in a war. This movie kicked the shit out of me when I first saw it and it still holds up over 20 years later as a brutal testament to the effects of war on man. Nothing good can come out of smashing in the head of another human being till the brains come out – Platoon is there to remind us of this.

Best Scene? When Chris is accepted into Elias’ group and they all get high and laugh while Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears” plays in the background.

Best Quote?

“Death? What do you all know about death?” – Sgt. Barnes

Who needs American actors when you got Australian ones that can do it better.

35. L.A Confidential (1997)

Why? Curtis Hanson hit paydirt with this adaptation of James Elroy’s novel of crime and Hollywood in the 1950’s. It should have won best picture in ’97, not Titanic,  but hey, whattayagonnado? Backed by a stellar cast that spit-fired dialogue like bullets from a Tommy gun, Hanson reminded us that Hollywood has always been dirty, they just hid it better back in the 50’s.

Best Scene? When James Cromwell, the nicest guy ever and Babe the Pig’s handler, shoots Kevin Spacey in the kitchen. Fuck man! That’ll do James. That’ll do.

Best Quote?

“What do I get if I give you your balls back, you wop cocksucker?” – Bud White

Not the best place to wear that white suit bro

34. Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Why? John Travolta really wouldn’t emerge from Tony Manero’s shadow until Pulp Fiction – the character was that strong and that iconic that we wouldn’t let him. Not just about disco dancing, Fever is a great coming of age story about “strutting.” And try not smile in delight when Travolta dons that white suit.

Best Scene? I gotta go with the opening scene of the movie. Tony walking strutting down the street with that paint can and the Bee Gee’s playing in his head. Welcome to 1977 baby.

Best Quote?

“You assholes almost broke my pussy finger!”  – Tony Manero

Not sure you can look much cooler than this

33.  Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Why? Before Tarantino would shoot his wad with Pulp Fiction, we got the pre-cum so to speak with Reservoir Dogs. This warm-up act showed us that you didn’t need to “show” the bank robbery, just have a bunch of awesome actors dressed up like Chow Yun Fat in A Better Tomorrow, talking about it.

Best Scene? The opening scene at the diner. “Toby Wong. Toby Wong. Toby Chong, fucking Charlie Chan.”

Best Quote?

“You’re gonna be okaaay. Say the goddamn words, you’re gonna be okaaaaay.” – Mr. White

One of the many “Deep Focus” shots in Citizen Kane – where everything in the frame is in focus. Commonplace nowadays, but in 1941 this shit was blowing minds and melting faces.

32. Citizen Kane (1941)

Why? Okay, I know this is like number 1 or 2 on other Top Films of All Time lists, but hey, this is my goddamn list and I say it’s number thirty fucking two, okay? Now that I’ve got that out of the way – Orson Welles blew people away back in 1941 with his innovative filming techniques and camera angles. He was a ballsy kid that shook up the stagnant world of cinema and changed everything with one single movie. One of the true landmarks of film, Citizen Kane still stands strong today because of Welles’s talent and foresight into the limits of film – he showed us there are none.

Best Scene? Where we find out what “Rosebud” means. It was the Sixth Sense twist ending of it’s day.

Best Quote?

“I don’t think there’s one word that can describe a man’s life.” – Charles Foster Kane

Still the best lightsaber dual of all 6 of the Star Wars films.

31. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Why? This movie standing alone from the rest of the series, is just a great film. Perfectly directed, written, and acted. It’s hard to believe that it was even filmed on Earth. THIS is what Star Wars is all about. THIS is how Star Wars films should be made. Oh man how good is Harrison Ford in this movie? We ALL wanted to be Han Solo after this one. What a great idea to have Harrison carry the scenes with live actors, and Mark Hamill to exercise his lack of acting skills with a Muppet. It works though, and whenever Luke starts whining like a baby, Yoda bitch slaps him back to being a fucking Jedi. I love this movie like a family member – it means that much to me. Thank you George Lucas (or rather Irvin Kershner) for getting it right.

Best Scene? Han flying straight into the asteroid field and the chase scene that follows.

Best Quote?

“I know.” – Han Solo