STAR WARS: The 3DChain Breakdown!

He’s back, folks. The Ghosty Orb awakens.

If there was ever anything capable of getting the hyperbolic pop culture blogmachine revving again, it’s the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, opening worldwide on December 18th. Ticket presales have already busted the internet, toys are flying off shelves coast-to-coast, and both comic book and novel tie-ins have a chokehold on the NY Times bestseller list.

Since the new movie was announced in 2013 you’ve probably re-watched the original trilogy, what? Two or three times by now? At least once with the commentary track enabled? Well howsabout once more. Another thorough dive into episodes IV, V, and VI like only 3DChain can provide.

Beginning this weekend, he’ll be posting minute-by-minute breakdowns of the most revered space opera in human history. (Prequels need not apply.) So queue up those original edition VHS tapes* and give ’em one final viewing before seeing The Force Awakens, this time guided by the biggest repository of Star Wars trivia in the Idle Time faculty. It’ll be like on-demand live Tweeting, without annoying hashtags.

Episode IV: A New Hope | Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back | Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi

*you can watch the Special Edition BluRays if you want, but, seriously, were you expecting 3D to get into the whole Greedo-shooting-first thing?