J.J. Barea May or May Not Earn You a Free Burrito

IMG_5415In a curious update, the latest version of Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports app promises: “Free burritos for all the peoples when J.J. Barea throws down his first NBA dunk.” Naturally, I immediately scoured the app for more information. I also looked into J.J.’s perplexing inability to ever dunk a basketball in an NBA game.

According to basketball-reference.com, J.J. Barea, current backup point guard for the Dallas Mavericks, has now played in 680 NBA games in his career, without ever recording a single made dunk.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, José Juan “J.J.” Barea is a former NBA champion (with the Mavs in 2011) and Centrobasket MVP. He’s listed at an even six-feet, but, apparently, can’t do this during regulation.

J.J. isn’t riding the longest zero-dunk streak among active players, however. Miami’s Beno Udrih is currently looking at 842 career NBA games without a rim-shaker.

So should I be paying closer attention to Mavericks games this season? Is one of my most-used apps going to reward me with a burrito as soon as Barea finally throws one down? Or maybe the plan is that when and if Barea does record a dunk, Yahoo will just give out this guy’s phone number.