Ranking the All New All Different Marvel: 40 – 31

All New Inhumans

Charles Soule & James Asmus
I’m definitely disappointed that the Inhumans are basically the new X-Men. At least the Inhumans have pretty much the same back story now, which is still compelling, but I don’t know how much I’ll attach to the characters. Crystal seems to be heading in a different direction than she’s been before, and I like Gorgon’s complicated existence, but I hope the don’t run the wheelchair thing into the ground. Hopefully that Xavier comment punctuates it and he can have stories where people aren’t constantly pointing out that he’s semi-paralyzed. It’s a pretty-looking book; the elemental stuff in the riot scene is particularly cool. I will read more to see if the new direction these characters are going is as endearing as the X-books. – RF

First collection: All New Inhumans, Vol. 1: Global Outreach (May)



Gerry Duggan & Mike Hawthorne
I haven’t read much Deadpool; he always seemed very gimmicky, but I really enjoyed this book. It does seem weird that in order for current super heroes to be successful, they have to embrace capitalism and some form of bureaucracy, making them somewhat less super. But the concept of using Deadpool – a powered, ultraviolent gunman – to finance super-heroic operations is tasty irony. I’m a sucker for a good mystery plot, so I’ll definitely finish this first arc. – RF

First collection: Deadpool, Vol. 1: Millionaire with a Mouth (May)



Jason Latour & Robbie Rodriguez
This series in no way needed a relaunch (as it was damn-near perfect before,) but here we are, with a brand new series of Spider-Gwen. This book feels like a true Spider-Story. I am reminded of the original incarnation of Ultimate Spider-Man in all the right ways. Great quips, great action, vibrant art, lots of style. This is one of my favorite books of this relaunch. – IP

The art is great and the story is good, but it’s not for me. Clearly, this was written for a younger crowd. Sadly, I’m just past a place in my life where I want to read stories about characters who say things like ‘Gawd DAD!` If Gwen had a little less teenage angst in her and bit more Veronica Mars, I’d be all about it. – SS

First collection: Spider-Gwen, Vol. 1: Greater Power (May)


Totally Awesome Hulk

Greg Pak & Frank Cho
They should give Cho a man-bun. Hulk need man-bun! Having Hulk be an incorrigible ladies man is pretty funny to me. Obviously things aren’t going to stay good for Amadeus Cho. I say “obviously” because there was that one page, where Cho was dreaming he was driving, but Hulk was poking outta the trunk. Awesome work, Pak and Cho. Hulk’s never been of huge appeal to me, but I think it’s an interesting curse, to have young super geniuses Hulk out. I don’t know… it has sexy ladies and giant monsters… hard for me not to be down. – RF

First collection: Totally Awesome Hulk, Vol. 1: Cho Time (July)


Amazing Spider-Man

Dan Slott & Giuseppe Camuncoli
The rich new Peter Parker is an interesting change, but I found myself not liking this hero as much as I expected to. Spider-Man, with all of his various associate Spider-Men and sidekicks, is starting to feel a bit too much like Batman. I understand that Peter Parker is a genius so naturally he could be rich, but one of the most relatable aspects of Spider-Man is that he needed that job at the newspaper to get by. Anyways, this series does have some promise. Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art is energetic, and is the primary reason I will continue to read this Spider-Series. Also, Alex Ross delivers another wonderful cover: no surprise there, folks. – IP

First collection: Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Worldwide (April)


All New X-Men

Dennis Hopeless & Mark Bagley
I enjoyed the hell out of this. I could tell there was some serious backstory here with the alternate timeline but it was still extremely easy for me to follow and I enjoyed this particular X-team a lot. Of course Austin would be a mutant-friendly city. Austin is dope. – MH

This is lousy. We don’t need the X-kids anymore. It was a cute storyline that overstayed its welcome. And in the hands of Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley, totally unreadable. – MMDG

First collection: All New X-Men, Vol. 1: Ghost of Cyclops (May)



Dan Abnett & Luke Ross
Not bad for a play on the fish-outta-water story. The sitcom-like premise works well for a character that is somewhat outta place in the new Marvel U. Having Gilgamesh be a couch-surfing man-child, plus the modernization of mythic beasts and characters, is enough to capture my interest. I expect the writers have an extended arc, but little one-offs of Hercules dealing with modern times and his infamous celebrity is worth checking back on this book. – RF

Only collection: Hercules: Still Going Strong (June)


Uncanny Avengers

Gerry Duggan & Ryan Stegman
I love the conflict in the group and the plot line of mutants vs inhumans. Everything seems fucking crazy to me… (what the hell is an UNCANNY Avenger) so, nothing feels too off from my expectations. I feel like I was dropped into an awkward family dinner and I’m excited to see what blows up. – SS

Slightly more interesting than New Avengers, but Deadpool on the team is stupid, and this whole “unity team” is tired. It made some sense after AvX, but adding the Inhuman element (in the wake of Infinity) is really just to align with the movies. I do, however, like headquartering in an old movie theater. – MMDG

First collection: Uncanny Avengers, Vol. 1: Lost Future (May)


Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat

Kate Leth & Brittney Williams
So, this is a pretty neat idea. Take a 40’s-era romance comic character who became super-powered and re-introduced into the Marvel U in the 70’s and prop her up in the new stable of fun/not-really-for-kids/ but-seemingly-for-kids corner of the ANAD Marvel U. And with Patsy being so lovingly revitalized thanks to Netflix’s Jessica Jones, what a great opportunity to re-imagine the character. I love the messages on her dating app. – MMDG

This was great! Loved the whole reinvention and all the tropes they dealt with immediately. Felt instantly connected and related to a lot of these characters/situations. It made me laugh a bunch and I thought the art was great. Stoked to read more. – BC

First collection: Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, Vol. 1: Hooked on a Feline (June)


Guardians of the Galaxy

Brian Michael Bendis & Julian Valerio Schiti
It’s funny enough, but they are clearly trying hard to be sassy. Generally, this superhero team has no sense of balance. If I keep reading, it’ll be more for the space adventures then characters involved. – SS

Guardians is a fun title. There are yuks, there is action, a little romance, a lot of confusing space-talk. I do wish that Cosmic Marvel could be taken a bit more seriously, but at least the book is solid. The lineup here is good, although I feel like there is maybe room for one or two more members. Overall a good book. Will be reading more of this. – IP

First collection: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1: Emperor Quill (May)


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