You Win or You Die: Season 6, Episode 4 Scoring Update

Last Sunday was Bay to Breakers in SF, the only Sunday of the year you’ll likely see more rampant nudity than on Game of Thrones. After stumbling and bumbling our way home from the drunken masses, we were able to settle in and view episode 4.

While there were no important killings this week, we did get to see some new faces this season that helped bolster a few teams’ scores. The first appearances of Littlefinger and Sansa brought the Masters of Cwnage up to 9 points, tying for second place with Limb-itless. Jorah’s scaly secret is out of the bag now, at least for Daario, so that adds some additional intrigue to LDG’s team. However, it’s LDG’s last draft pick, Ramsay, who makes one of the biggest power plays in the episode that could bring this series to a boil. His letter to Jon Snow was ruthless, and having Sansa read the final bit aloud makes the battle for Winterfell seem all that much closer.

Standings Week 4

While the Mountain failed to show up to do any skull bashing, picking up an entire Dothraki army, I feel, was a fair compromise for rengstorff’s team.

It was a fairly calm episode overall so I’m assuming at least five people will die next Sunday.

Full scoring update is below.

The Teams:

Abominable Snow-Bran – hltchk (12 Points; 11 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team MH
House Stark: Bran (1)
Team Targaryen: Missandei (2)
House Lannister: Tommen (2)
The Wall: Jon Snow (4)
The Old Gods and the New: Lancel Lannister (0)
Friends Like These: Olenna Tyrell (2)
Rebels: Yara (1)

Debt Payers – MMDG (8 points; 8 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team MMDG
House Stark: Hodor (0)
Team Targaryen: Tyrion (2)
House Lannister: Cersei (2)
The Wall: Eddison Tollet (2)
The Old Gods and the New: Aeron Greyjoy (0)
Friends Like These: Harald Karstark (1)
Rebels: Theon (1)

Masters of Cwnage – lebronald (9 points; 9 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team MDDG
House Stark: Sansa (1)
Team Targaryen: Grey Worm (2)
House Lannister: Kevan (2)
The Wall: Sam (1)
The Old Gods and the New: The High Sparrow (2)
Friends Like These: Littlefinger (1)
Rebels: Ellaria Sand (0)

Many-Faced Team – MeanOldPig (6 points; 6 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team BC 2

House Stark: Arya (1)
Team Targaryen: Varys (2)
House Lannister: Qyburn (1)
The Wall: Ser Alliser Thorne (0)
The Old Gods and the New: Three-Eyed Raven (1)
Friends Like These: Margaery (1)
Rebels: Euron Greyjoy (0)

Limb-itless – LDG (9 points; 9 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team LDG
House Stark: Meera (0)
Team Targaryen: Jorah Mormont (1)
House Lannister: Jaime (2)
The Wall: Ser Davos (2)
The Old Gods and the New: Melisandre (2)
Friends Like These: Ramsay Bolton (2)
Rebels: Tyene Sand (0)

Briennes Over Bronn – tyrannofloresrex (4 points; 4 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team RF
House Stark: Brienne (1)
Team Targaryen: Daario (1)
House Lannister: Bronn (0)
The Wall: Gilly (1)
The Old Gods and the New: Night’s King (0)
Friends Like These: Mace Tyrell (1)
Rebels: Obara Sand (0)

Money for Nothing, Pod for Free – rengstorff (8 points; 8 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team SS
House Stark: Podrick (1)
Team Targaryen: Danaerys (2)
House Lannister: The Mountain (1)
The Wall: Tormund (2)
The Old Gods and the New: Jaqen H’ghar (1)
Friends Like These: Ser Loras (1)
Rebels: Nymeria Sand (0)