You Win or You Die: Season 6, Episode 6 Scoring Update

I had to spend two days, TWO WHOLE DAYS, trying to avoid spoilers for Episode 6 during my return home from the Sasquatch Festival this weekend. Luckily, not much happened while I was out.

I was very pleased to finally get an APP point from Lancel, but more curiously, did you see that absurd weapon he was brandishing? Come on, that thing’s gotta do something interesting!


While my team still holds a commanding lead, “Blood of My Blood” has me thinking that a few teams are ready to make serious moves. With Jaime demoted from the Kingsguard and instead put in charge of leading the Lannister army, he is now primed to do some serious damage for LDG. However, no one should have more hope after this episode than MeanOldPig. Arya’s betrayal of the Faceless Men means the Waif and Jaqen have officially been added to her ever-expanding hit list.

I’m sure Masters of Cwnage is pleased to have a Valyrian blade now in his possession after Sam steals Heartsbane from Randyll Tarly, who has now taken the Throne of Total Dick Dads since it was vacated by Stannis.

Oh yeah, and rengstorff has a dragon again. Greaaaattt.

Standings Week 6

Full scoring update is below.

The Teams:

Abominable Snow-Bran – hltchk (20 Points; 19 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team MH
House Stark: Bran (3)
Team Targaryen: Missandei (3)
House Lannister: Tommen (3)
The Wall: Jon Snow (5)
The Old Gods and the New: Lancel Lannister (1)
Friends Like These: Olenna Tyrell (3)
Rebels: Yara (2)

Debt Payers – MMDG (13 points; 13 APP)

House Stark: Hodor (0)
Team Targaryen: Tyrion (3)
House Lannister: Cersei (3)
The Wall: Eddison Tollet (3)
The Old Gods and the New: Aeron Greyjoy (1)
Friends Like These: Harald Karstark (1)
Rebels: Theon (2)

Masters of Cwnage – lebronald (15 points; 15 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team MDDG
House Stark: Sansa (2)
Team Targaryen: Grey Worm (3)
House Lannister: Kevan (3)
The Wall: Sam (2)
The Old Gods and the New: The High Sparrow (3)
Friends Like These: Littlefinger (2)
Rebels: Ellaria Sand (0)

Many-Faced Team – MeanOldPig (10 points; 10 APP)

House Stark: Arya (3)
Team Targaryen: Varys (3)
House Lannister: Qyburn (1)
The Wall: Ser Alliser Thorne (0)
The Old Gods and the New: Three-Eyed Raven (0)
Friends Like These: Margaery (2)
Rebels: Euron Greyjoy (1)

Limb-itless – LDG (15 points; 15 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team LDG
House Stark: Meera (2)
Team Targaryen: Jorah Mormont (2)
House Lannister: Jaime (3)
The Wall: Ser Davos (3)
The Old Gods and the New: Melisandre (3)
Friends Like These: Ramsay Bolton (2)
Rebels: Tyene Sand (0)

Briennes Over Bronn – tyrannofloresrex (14 points; 13 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team RF
House Stark: Brienne (2)
Team Targaryen: Daario (3)
House Lannister: Bronn (0)
The Wall: Gilly (2)
The Old Gods and the New: Night’s King (5)
Friends Like These: Mace Tyrell (2)
Rebels: Obara Sand (0)

Money for Nothing, Pod for Free – rengstorff (14 points; 14 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team SS
House Stark: Podrick (2)
Team Targaryen: Danaerys (4)
House Lannister: The Mountain (1)
The Wall: Tormund (3)
The Old Gods and the New: Jaqen H’ghar (3)
Friends Like These: Ser Loras (1)
Rebels: Nymeria Sand (0)