You Win or You Die: Season 6, Episode 9 Scoring Update

While we didn’t get quite as many rostered character deaths as we were expecting to get out of “The Battle of the Bastards,” this might have been one of the most action-packed, stressful, and satisfyingly brilliant episodes in the show to date.

I have to tip my hat to director Miguel Sapochnik’s ability to put the absolute fear in me for my team captain. While Jon has had the safety cushion of being resurrected for a few episodes now, the incredible tracking shot of him going through dozens of near-death experiences on the battlefield had me losing my mind. I was almost 100% convinced he was actually going to die again while he was suffocating under the piles of bodies.

My mood quickly changed upon seeing Littlefinger arrive with the army of the Vale. Once Jon was able to get through the gate of Winterfell thanks to Wun Wun’s valiant last stand (we miss you Wun Wun!), he was able to carry out sweet vengeance on Ramsay’s face, ultimately stopping to allow Sansa to take matters in to her own hands.

There was some deliberation on how we should have awarded the kill on Ramsay, however, we decided to give Sansa and Masters of Cwnage the K point (along with Ramsay’s APP points per usual). While Sansa did not directly kill Ramsay, we felt that her having complete control over whether he lived or died (technically she could have spared his life by letting him free) while sitting in the kennel of hungry dogs made her responsible for his death.

With Sansa getting the kill awarded to her, she now brings Masters of Cwnage up to second place with 26 points, with Limb-itless staying flat at 18 points week-over-week after losing Ramsay.

LDG’s ode to Ramsay

It’s still very close, and with most characters having achieved upwards of 3-4 APP points, that’s a lot of points waiting to be stolen if some are killed by other teams. While we probably won’t see any more deaths in the Winterfell camp, the finale next weekend will be the longest in the  show’s history, so who knows what to expect.

The team currently in last place, the Many-Faced Team, just so happens to have a character privy to the location of massive caches of explosives planted throughout the largest city in Westeros. It’s anyone’s game.

Standings Week 9

Full scoring update is below.

The Teams:

Abominable Snow-Bran – hltchk (29 Points; 28 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team MH
House Stark: Bran (3)
Team Targaryen: Missandei (5)
House Lannister: Tommen (4)
The Wall: Jon Snow (7)
The Old Gods and the New: Lancel Lannister (2)
Friends Like These: Olenna Tyrell (4)
Rebels: Yara (4)

Debt Payers – MMDG (20 points; 20 APP)

House Stark: Hodor (0)
Team Targaryen: Tyrion (5)
House Lannister: Cersei (5)
The Wall: Eddison Tollet (3)
The Old Gods and the New: Aeron Greyjoy (1)
Friends Like These: Harald Karstark (2)
Rebels: Theon (4)

Masters of Cwnage – lebronald (26 points; 25 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team MDDG
House Stark: Sansa (8)
Team Targaryen: Grey Worm (5)
House Lannister: Kevan (4)
The Wall: Sam (2)
The Old Gods and the New: The High Sparrow (4)
Friends Like These: Littlefinger (3)
Rebels: Ellaria Sand (0)

Many-Faced Team – MeanOldPig (15 points; 15 APP)

House Stark: Arya (5)
Team Targaryen: Varys (4)
House Lannister: Qyburn (2)
The Wall: Ser Alliser Thorne (0)
The Old Gods and the New: Three-Eyed Raven (0)
Friends Like These: Margaery (3)
Rebels: Euron Greyjoy (1)

Limb-itless – LDG (18 points; 18 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team LDG
House Stark: Meera (2)
Team Targaryen: Jorah Mormont (2)
House Lannister: Jaime (5)
The Wall: Ser Davos (5)
The Old Gods and the New: Melisandre (4)
Friends Like These: Ramsay Bolton (0)
Rebels: Tyene Sand (0)

Briennes Over Bronn – tyrannofloresrex (19 points; 18 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team RF
House Stark: Brienne (3)
Team Targaryen: Daario (4)
House Lannister: Bronn (2)
The Wall: Gilly (2)
The Old Gods and the New: Night’s King (5)
Friends Like These: Mace Tyrell (3)
Rebels: Obara Sand (0)

Money for Nothing, Pod for Free – rengstorff (22 points; 22 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team SS
House Stark: Podrick (3)
Team Targaryen: Danaerys (6)
House Lannister: The Mountain (3)
The Wall: Tormund (5)
The Old Gods and the New: Jaqen H’ghar (4)
Friends Like These: Ser Loras (1)
Rebels: Nymeria Sand (0)