You Win or You Die: Season 6, Episode 10 Scoring Update

I gotta say, in the realm of fantasy games and sports, season-ending injuries are one thing, but there’s nothing quite like seeing one of your top-scoring team members just give up and walk out of a window. Fantasy Thrones has been an incredibly fun way for us to engage with the show and we can’t wait to see how the last season pans out.

While Tommen’s death wasn’t necessarily surprising (yet certainly hilarious, even I have to admit), Cersei’s plot to blow the Sept of Baelor back to the days of the First Men was not only one of the biggest moments in the series, it completely flipped the script on our game. In one episode, Cersei took out six rostered characters; the High Sparrow, Lancel Lannister, three members of the Tyrell family in Loras, Margaery and Mace, as well as her uncle Kevan Lannister. We all knew that the longer the show went on, the more kills would matter in the game. Debt Payers ended up absolutely crushing the field, with Cersei netting MMDG’s team a grand total of 52 points!

In fact, Cersei herself scored 35 points over the course of the season, better than my entire team, which barely held on to second place after losing both Lancel and Tommen. The only team unaffected by Cersei’s wrath was Limb-itless, who had no characters die this week.

The rest of the episode featured plenty of other non-death related highlights. Olenna Tyrell forging an alliance with the Martells with the help of Varys, Sam Tarly ultralight beaming in the library at Oldtown, and Arya feeding Walder a sou-Frey and avenging her family by introducing Needle to his throat (didn’t take death long to sneak in to that list, huh?).

So let’s get back to the deaths. We had seven deaths across five teams! You know what that means, more bodyart!

lebronald’s tribute to the High Sparrow and Kevan
tyrannoflores channels Yeezy to bid adieu to Mace Tyrell
a little disappointed that hltchk’s Lancel tat isn’t on his forehead
Ser Pounce might have landed on his feet
Saving the best for last. You left us too soon Margaery.
Saving the best for last. You left us too soon Margaery.

The league is already looking to continue in to next season and we can’t wait to see what’s to come as this incredible story draws to a close. If you would like to set up your own GoT fantasy league for next season, feel free to DM us on Twitter, @idleinstitute, for any questions on rules and scoring.

Valar Morghulis!


Standings Week 10

Final scoring update is below.

The Teams:

Abominable Snow-Bran – hltchk (28 Points; 28 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team MH final
House Stark: Bran (4)
Team Targaryen: Missandei (6)
House Lannister: Tommen (0)
The Wall: Jon Snow (8)
The Old Gods and the New: Lancel Lannister (0)
Friends Like These: Olenna Tyrell (5)
Rebels: Yara (5)

Debt Payers – MMDG (52 points; 46 APP, 6 K)

House Stark: Hodor (0)
Team Targaryen: Tyrion (6)
House Lannister: Cersei (35)
The Wall: Eddison Tollet (3)
The Old Gods and the New: Aeron Greyjoy (1)
Friends Like These: Harald Karstark (2)
Rebels: Theon (5)

Masters of Cwnage – lebronald (23 points; 22 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team MDDG final
House Stark: Sansa (9)
Team Targaryen: Grey Worm (6)
House Lannister: Kevan (0)
The Wall: Sam (3)
The Old Gods and the New: The High Sparrow (0)
Friends Like These: Littlefinger (4)
Rebels: Ellaria Sand (1)

Many-Faced Team – MeanOldPig (15 points; 15 APP

GoT Ftsy Team BC final

House Stark: Arya (6)
Team Targaryen: Varys (5)
House Lannister: Qyburn (3)
The Wall: Ser Alliser Thorne (0)
The Old Gods and the New: Three-Eyed Raven (0)
Friends Like These: Margaery (0)
Rebels: Euron Greyjoy (1)

Limb-itless – LDG (23 points; 23 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team LDG final
House Stark: Meera (3)
Team Targaryen: Jorah Mormont (2)
House Lannister: Jaime (6)
The Wall: Ser Davos (6)
The Old Gods and the New: Melisandre (5)
Friends Like These: Ramsay Bolton (0)
Rebels: Tyene Sand (1)

Briennes Over Bronn – tyrannofloresrex (22 points; 21 APP, 1 K)

GoT Ftsy Team RF final
House Stark: Brienne (3)
Team Targaryen: Daario (5)
House Lannister: Bronn (3)
The Wall: Gilly (3)
The Old Gods and the New: Night’s King (5)
Friends Like These: Mace Tyrell (0)
Rebels: Obara Sand (1)

Money for Nothing, Pod for Free – rengstorff (25 points; 25 APP)

GoT Ftsy Team SS final
House Stark: Podrick (3)
Team Targaryen: Danaerys (7)
House Lannister: The Mountain (4)
The Wall: Tormund (6)
The Old Gods and the New: Jaqen H’ghar (4)
Friends Like These: Ser Loras (0)
Rebels: Nymeria Sand (1)