New Comics: SuperF*ckers Forever

Seeing any James Kochalka book published by IDW, let alone his obscenity-laden Superf*ckers, caught me by surprise. But why the fuck not? They publish comics based on existing properties almost exclusively – whether they be movie franchises, action figure lines, or animated series. And the original Superf*ckers series, published by Top Shelf in 2005, was developed into an animated series for Cartoon Hangover. So, it makes sense, more or less: let’s call it a based-on-a-cartoon floppy. Superf*ckers is basically Spongebob with sex and skin flayings, after all. Congratulations, James. This week’s release of SuperF*ckers Forever #1 means we’re that much closer to seeing Optimus Prime battling talking piles of shit in space armor.

And unlike every goddam book in DC’s Rebirth, you don’t need to know shit about the past adventures of Jack Frak and his reprehensible superpowered cohorts to appreciate the new series. All you need to get started is in that opening gag: Vortex has reassembled reality for us, and everything is more or less back to normal.

Except Jack is missing his vagina.

And in case you’ve missed one of the best superhero origin stories in modern history, check out episode 2 of the aforementioned Superf*ckers animated series.

Kochalka’s prolific output over the last few decades has included everything from autobio-elfical diary entries to kids comics. And whether blessed with his vibrant, kinetic color palette or in black & white, his signature linework combined with a deft, straightforward humor has always made me smile and, oftentimes, laugh out loud. This series reminds me of all the absurd and wildly inappropriate comics I used to scribble all over my high school notebooks. Except, you know. Way better.

fallenAll New All Different Marvel: Week 46
Following up last week’s The Accusedin which we got the full story of Hawkeye’s murder trial, comes this week’s The FallenLong-time Hulk scribe Greg Pak teams up with the down-for-whatever, no-deadline-is-too-soon Mark Bagley to set the stage for the post-Banner Marvel U. Following Bruce’s poorly-attended funeral, the spotlight turns to four other Hulks, and how they are dealing with the death. But beyond She-Hulk, Amadeus Cho, Skaar, and General “Red Hulk” Ross, Pak drops some hints that two other formerly Hulked-out heroes might be ready for a reappearance as well.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1

DC Rebirth: Week 13
First off, Claire Roe is killing it on this book. Her facial expressions and reactions are some of the best I have seen in recent memory. The jokes all landed for me and I am digging this team quite a bit. I am interested in where this Oracle story goes and just how they will handle Huntress’s fragile alliance. I wasn’t that impressed with the one-shot prologue issue, but I think it’s safe to say that this is the biggest turnaround from Rebirth “zero issue” to main story.  – MeanOldPig

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