Ranking DC’s Rebirth: 15 – 11


Simon Oliver & Moritat
Okay, I like the building blocks of this a lot. These creations starting a war is a cool idea and John seems very much in-character. He’s not necessarily the good guy, but basically a selfish asshole who gets by. The Mercury speech was well done and a good point for new readers. I do still wish this was a Vertigo book with this creative team, but I will continue. Those goddamn skull emojis to cover up the cursing is driving me mad though. – MeanOldPig

A lot to like even in the first issue, not the least of which is the table-setting with Swamp Thing and Abby (maybe). I was a little worried that the new Constantine series was either going to be too Justice League Dark-y, or, even worse, one demonic possession story after another. (Or, worst of all, a continuation of the American road trip from the NBC series.) Oliver seems to get it, but I’m still curious as to why the character is here… when Doom Patrol and Shade get the Young Animal treatment. – MMDG

First collection: The Hellblazer Volume 1: The Poison Truth (March)


Batman Beyond

Dan Jurgens, Bernard Chang, & Ryan Sook
This is my kind of Bat-book. Totally unrelated to the main thread, with some altered takes on familiar faces, and a vibrant world to boot. The art is excellent; the action moves freely. This reminded me of the beloved cartoon show in all the right ways. – IP

Ryan Sook’s art is killing it. His Jokerz design is great, and he’s doing a great job with expressive faces and body language. I like the consolidation of Joker gas and Bane’s Venom, too. The origin story was paneled really well and Jurgens spent just the right amount of time bringing everyone up to speed. It’s cool seeing Max and Dana from the show, and it’s always a great idea to pick up a Batman story where he’s fighting the Joker. How this fits in with the Watchmen stuff is BEYOND me (since it’s like decades after, right?), but still has some great ideas worth exploring. Without Bruce Wayne, McGinnis is free to be his own character, and I’m down to see where that goes. – tyrannoflores

First collection: Batman Beyond Volume 1: The Return (June)



Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, & Doug Mahnke
Finally! A Superman comic I WANT to read! Tomasi and Gleason’s Batman and Robin was one of the best things out of the New 52 – these dudes get it. They get what makes these heroes tick and how to make us actually care about them and the relationships they form with each other. Wonderful stuff here. So long as Tomasi and Gleason are around, I’m in. – 3D

It’s blowing my mind how much I’m enjoying these Superman books. Seeing Superman the father gives something to the character that it was lacking. Maybe having a less mature version of himself around, in his son, is the difference. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where this is going. – D!

First collection: Superman Volume 1: Son of Superman (January)


Detective Comics

James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows, & Alvaro Martinez
DC sure loves team building. It seems like their plan is to write comics like they’re casting a TV series. Nonetheless, I’m a huge fan of ensemble team stories. This particular Ocean’s 11 or “Bat Team,” whatever you wanna call it, has some pretty interesting characters. I don’t know much about Kate Kane, but I like seeing Batman interact with someone who is family. You gotta have at least one Robin, and you might as well go for the “greatest tactical mind” with all the other muscle on the team. The new Huntress looks dope and how can you not love Orphan, the violent, speechless ninja? I’m sold on the wild card: Clayface was one of my favorite characters in the old Dini Batman cartoons; I always connected with his background as an old Hollywood movie star. I’m down with giving him more story to grow in, plus his powers will look cool in fight sequences. I think Batwoman and Bruce’s relationship might be the emotional core of this story, but watching this ensemble cast will be cool, too.  – tyrannoflores

First collection: Detective Comics Volume 1: Rise of the Batmen (February)


Action Comics

Dan Jurgens, Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, & Stephen Segovia
Lex Luthor is, at his best, the hero humanity wants, and at his worst, the hero we all likely deserve. He is DC’s Tony Stark who just happens to have the same issues with pride as his arch-nemesis. As a huge Doomsday fan I can’t wait to see if this book gets him right for the first time since his introduction. – D!

This has a retro feel to it that I enjoy. Never was much of a Dan Jurgens fan; I think his stuff is pretty sub-par and forced. But in this story is seems as though Dan stopped trying to be cool and, as a result, turned out to be cool! Funny how that works. – 3D

First collection: Action Comics Volume 1: Path of Doom (February)


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