2016 Tune Tourney Sweet Sixteen: Chicago

Four artists from Chicago move on from Round 2 of our Tune Tournament to do battle in the Sweet Sixteen. All four are also included in our Mixcloud Mix just for making it this far. While triumph in the Windy City was a breeze for some, others missed their chance at victory. Here are the results of Round 2.

Edamame trounced Jim O’Rourke by a 4-1 margin, while Whitney was golden against Twin Peaks. Which group will move on in Matchup 1 of the Sweet Sixteen? Meanwhile, Tortoise stomped Andrew Bird, who just didn’t have the legs to beat the veteran Post-Rock outfit. Now they face off against Joey Purp, who narrowly defeated Chance The Rapper in Chicago’s biggest upset of Round 2.

Who moves on to the Elite Eight? Cast your votes and spread the word, as these eight matchups close on Saturday, December 10 at noon.

Matchup 1: Edamame – “Tree Shadows” vs. Whitney – “Golden Days”

Matchup 2: Joey Purp – “Photobooth” vs. Tortoise – “Hot Coffee”

You can still participate in the Sweet Sixteen matchups for San Francisco and London, and coming Friday, December 9: Sweet Sixteen Matchups in the Minneapolis Region!