2016 Tune Tourney Elite Eight: London

The fourth round of the 2016 Tune Tournament moves on to London, where two underdogs have risen up to defeat their more established opponents.

The History of Apple Pie have been quiet for over two years. Are they on hiatus? Are they working on new material? No one really knows, but we do know that they’ve conquered every challenger they’ve faced thus far. Their next opponent has considerable momentum though, as Kero Kero Bonito bested James Blake in yet another stunning upset in the Sweet Sixteen. Both of these bands are on the rise, but one must fall.

Who moves on to the Final Four? Cast your votes and spread the word, as this matchup closes on Thursday, December 15 at noon.

Matchup: Kero Kero Bonito – “Graduation” vs. The History of Apple Pie – “Jamais Vu”

Don’t forget to vote on the Elite Eight matchup in the San Francisco Region, and coming Wednesday, December 14: the E8 matchup in the Chicago Region!