31 DAYS OF HORROR: DAY 12 – Chopping Mall

I’ve decided to subject myself to 31 days of horror films for the month of October. It will be a mix of rewatching stuff I haven’t seen in a while and brand new things. Day 12:

CHOPPING MALL (1986) – dir. Jim Wynorski

I watched this with fellow Idle Timer Tyrannofloresrex after he had made me and another guest a lovely meal.  The food and the company were the only good things that night as we were subjected to this cinematic experience. I can only say that the best part of the film is the name which I wished was saved for a better film.

Despite having the great name, Chopping Mall features no limbs getting ripped off or much gore of any kind. The premise is this mall is getting robbed all the time so they decide to guard it with 3 robots literally named KILLBOTS. Who knew these machines that essentially look like amped up versions of Nintendo’s R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) would go mad and try to kill innocent people?

A group of teenagers/young adults whose age I could not identify get trapped in the mall one night after having a party in their place of work and of course the KILLBOTS come after them. You think a movie set in a mall would have more fun set pieces involving all the themed shops but nope. Most of the movie is spent in a furniture store, supply closest, or just the main hub of the mall.  It’s a disappointment that more fun can’t come from a fun premise so I gotta say take a pass on this one.