31 DAYS OF HORROR: DAY 14 – Idle Hands

I’ve decided to subject myself to 31 days of horror films for the month of October. It will be a mix of rewatching stuff I haven’t seen in a while and brand new things. Day 14:

IDLE HANDS (1999) – dir. Rodman Flender

I have a confession to make: I really enjoy IDLE HANDS.  It is one of those movies that I’d watch whenever I saw it was on cable as a teenager and I will defend it a great deal. While the film is flawed it is a pretty damn fun horror comedy.

A lazy stoner teenager Anton (Devon Sawa) gets his hand possessed by a murderous entity who only targets those who excel in the art of sloth. Who better to possess then a high school senior stoner? What happens next is just a mix of the right amount of silliness and horror to propel the movie forward.

Anton is too stoned to realize he killed his parents three days ago and when it finally clicks what he did, he murders his two best friends (Seth Green & Alden Henson) His friends do the whole AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON thing and come back but not to torment him, rather they just want to continue their stoner life. They make me laugh every single scene they are in.

The movie knows how silly it is, the main villain is a literally a disembodied hand for last half and it makes the most of it. If you’re in the mood for a fun horror comedy, you wouldn’t be wrong putting on this movie.