Comic Book Trivia: Test Your Knowledge Part II

Our second trivia night at San Francisco’s Mission: Comics and Art took place on March 13. Congratulations to the Guardians of the Avenues who edged Anagraminals via the tie-breaker to take home the first place title!

Now for a chance to test your knowledge. Partly for posterity, and partly to avoid doing a new comics post this week, here’s the quiz in its entirety. Before you start Googling all the answers, see how many you can nail down on your own.

Question #1
We all know that the Hulk’s alter ego is Bruce Banner. But Bruce is actually his middle name. What is Dr. Banner’s first name?

Question #2
What was Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro’s first feature film based on a comic book character?

Question #3
In Watchmen, what symbol does Doctor Manhattan inscribe on his forehead?

Question #4
In Chris Claremont’s first three instances featuring the X-Men playing baseball – X-Men #110,
Uncanny X-Men Annual #7, and Uncanny X-Men #201 – which member of the team is at bat?

Question #5
In which comic book series did John Constantine make his first appearance?

Question #6
Commissioned by Dave Eggers, this mural on the facade of 826 Valencia was designed by whom?

Question #7
William “Bill” Gaines was the legendary publisher of EC Comics who came under fire by a Senate Subcommittee investigation in the 50’s. He also co-founded, with Harvey Kurtzman, what still-running magazine?

Question #8
Marvel’s other Captain Marvel – AKA Spectrum – can transform herself into any form of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. Of the following, which operates on the highest frequency, at 300 exahertz?
a) Gamma rays
b) X-rays
c) Microwaves
d) Infrared light

Question #9
This cartoonist has won multiple Eisner awards, including two for her Scary Godmother books. She has worked on a number of Vertigo projects, including Sandman and The Invisibles, and, most recently, wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Wonder Woman: The True AmazonWho is…?

Question #10
Which of the following is not one of the transformations undergone by Superman or Superboy after exposure to red kryptonite?
a) head turned into head of a giant ant
b) started breathing fire like a dragon
c) transformed into a human magnet
d) grew four extra arms

Question #11
Of the top 10 best-selling licensed toy properties in 2017 (based on Amazon sales), which comic book property cracked the list?

Question #12
As seen in the 2012 movie Argo, the CIA acquired the script and production designs — designs by Jack Kirby — for an unmade science-fiction film. This film was based on what Roger Zelazny novel?

Question #13
Clinton Francis Barton is the secret identity of which comic book character?

Question #14
In 2014, Fantagraphics published the 16th issue of what groundbreaking underground comic series, which has featured contributions from the likes of R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, and Spain Rodriguez?

Question #15
Beginning in issue #296 of The Mighty Thor, Roy Thomas re-tooled Valkyrie’s origin and based the character on Brunnhilda from the opera cycle Ring of the Nibelung. Who composed The Ring?

Question #16
Which Bay Area city hosts the Charles M. Schulz museum?

Question #17
The term “graphic novel” was coined in 1964, but it was popularized with the publication of A Contract with God in 1978.  Which legendary cartoonist is responsible for
A Contract with God?

Question #18
The 1968 spy thriller Danger: Diabolik, was based on a popular comic book published in what country?

Question #19
Of the six infinity stones – time, mind, soul, power, reality, and space – which is the only one not to have been featured thus far in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

Question #20
Unscramble the anagram:

Questions #21 through 25 are artist identifications, one each from five different eras of comic book history.

Question #21
Golden Age (< 1956)

Question #22
Silver Age (1956 – 1972)

Question #23
Bronze Age (1972 – 1985)

Question #24
“Steel” Age (1986 – 2000)

Question #25
“Diamond” Age (2001 – Present)

Questions #26 through 30 are part of the Imagram. Identify the characters in the puzzle below, and then use the circled letters to solve the final clue.
And, finally, a tiebreaker question…

Marvel Legacy #1 was the top-selling individual comic book of 2017. According to statistics shared by Diamond, how many copies of this comic were shipped to retailers?

Stay tuned for an announcement for our third Trivia Night, likely in the month of May.

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