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Ultimate Mixtape: 20 – 1

The Top 20. The best of the best from the last fifteen years. No matter what you think of the picks, or project as a whole (I can’t believe they picked that song by that band and not..! Where’s this band? That artist? We get it. Believe me, we’ve already argued and complained enough for all of you.) …these favorite twenty tunes make for an unbelievably good mix. This countdown also showcases the power of live roulette. The presumptive number one pick, based on the preliminary ballots, succumbed to in-person enthusiasm and in-the-moment championing, finishing with the bronze medal. And the favorite tune? Hit play, and enjoy the ultimate Ultimate Mixtape.

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2015 TUNE TOURNEY: More Canadia Round 1 Match-Ups!

The polls for the second halves of the Canadian and Californian brackets in the 2015 Tune Tournament are going live today. First up, eight more tracks from our northern neighbors.

Caribou’s Our Love was one of the best album releases last year, and “Can’t Do Without You” is the lead single. It starts its quest for the title with a contest against another 2014 single: “Archie, Marry Me,” off the self-title debut album by Toronto’s Alvvays.

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