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Brooklyn: Old-Fashioned Storytelling Done Right

Brooklyn is a film which could have been written, produced, and made during the infamously prudish Hollywood Production Code that Film Studios implemented to stave off government interference. The film is so wholesome, so proudly defending both bold and courageous actions from its heroine, so full of rightness that it seems impossible that it could also be a compelling drama and one of the best films of the year.

Saoirse Ronan stars as Ellis Lacey (pronounced “Aelish”), an intelligent young Irish Woman who leaves her homeland for New York City to work as an accountant thanks to a generous priest from her town who emigrated several years earlier, played by the always delightful Jim Broadbent. A further emphasis needs to be given to how engaging Ms. Ronan’s portrayal of Ellis Lacey is. Her performance makes up half of the screen time of the film and is by far the most interesting and compelling element of Brooklyn. Continue reading Brooklyn: Old-Fashioned Storytelling Done Right