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Ranking DC’s Rebirth: 10 – 6

Red Hood & The Outlaws

Scott Lobdell & Dexter Soy
I wish Zack Snyder movies were more like this, although this may be more of a Guy Ritchie style. Sure, a lot of the character stuff is sped through, but there’s an economy to it. No one needs to be particularly deep except Red Hood, but I wouldn’t mind a little bit more time with the villain. Seeing as he’s already got a long history with Gotham, I think the symmetry of origin and theme between Black Mask and Red Hood makes the adversarial relationship work well enough. The binary pacing of action, background, action, background, works well, particuarly with the art. It’s not the most detailed comic artistically, but the character design and action panels hit every mark. The prologue issue promises Red Hood, Artemis, and I think Bizarro, so if they’re building an anti-hero Justice League, I’m all for that kind of fun. – tyrannoflores

I like Jason Todd a lot; for a Batfamily member he at least has the balls to go in for the kill on occasion. He does have a bad attitude, but it feels like it works in his new persona as the Red Hood. Another getting-the-team-together story too, which I love. – IP

First collection: Red Hood & The Outlaws Volume 1: Dark Trinity (May)



Tom King, David Finch, & Mikel Janin
I’m into this. I think King is going to address the popular perception that the DCU is comprised of overpowered superheroes and villains, and the street-level heroics of folks like Batman and Green Arrow often get spun into what practically amounts to a separate universe. I don’t know if I’m sold on the new crime-fighting partnership, but I trust this creative team, and I appreciate the drama with which they open this arc. Who really needs saving? Gotham? Or Batman? – MMDG

I actually like where this story is going. It doesn’t feel all that original, but it is doing something with the city of Gotham, personifying it in a new way. I’m in. – IP

First collection: Batman Volume 1: I Am Gotham (January)


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