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Ranking Marvel NOW! 15 – 6

Iron Fist

Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins

Iron Fist #1 begins the way every Iron Fist story should, with Danny Rand recklessly throwing his fists in his search for something deeper. The book also uses first person narration in a similar way to the original incarnation of the series, which featured second person narration as a means of placing the reader in Danny Rand’s shoes. While “heroes without their powers” stories are not always spectacular, especially since they often lack the action of a traditional story, this book feels like the beginning of a promising journey for Danny. The colorful and gritty art also helps sell a martial arts world that, while somewhat dark, is also full of strange characters. Lastly, any Iron Fist book that uses the narration to accurately call each of Danny Rand’s expert techniques is fine by me. Iron Fist #1 Upward Cannon Punches and Tiger Tail Sweeps its way to success, even if it isn’t the most exciting book on the Marvel NOW roster. – IP

Better than the PM&IF book. Formulaic, but fun. I’m in for now. Brisson’s writing has potential, and Perkins’s grittiness gives this kung-fu epic the appropriate 70’s vibe. – MMDG

First collection: Iron Fist, Vol. 1: The Gauntlet (October)


Moon Knight

Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood
beginning with #10

First off, Greg Smallwood’s layouts and Jordie Bellaire’s colors make this one trippy book. Delving into a character’s broken mind is something that comic books are very good at depicting. I already feel very into learning more about Marc’s fractured psyche and his quest to find out what is real and what isn’t. Lemire makes me want to read the next issue. – MeanOldPig

Collection: Moon Knight, Vol. 3: Birth and Death (October)


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Marvel NOW! – Week 3

Iron Man is dead. Long live Iron Man.

I’m guessing that the intended surprise reveal in Infamous Iron Man #1 was going to be that Tony Stark had transferred his “essence” into a computer program, right? Civil War II was supposed to have concluded by now and, with it, we were to discover the fate of Iron Man. Instead, we’re still piecing together the aftermath, but rather than riddling our way through various clues (like Von Doom holding the Iron Man mask in that promo poster), we get a flat-out spoiler straight from the Latverian’s mouth.

Okay, so… he IS dead?

This isn’t a complete surprise, of course, as we’d seen the solicits for this book months ago, and already knew that RiRi would also be donning armor as Ironheart. Tony Stark? No trace. But these Marvel scheduling missteps do have a way of detracting from the intended experience. Brian Michael Bendis has teamed up with his Daredevil partner-in-crime, Alex Maleev, to bring us a fresh take on the replacement-superhero storyline. But instead of Bucky Barnes picking up the shield for Steve Rogers, or Dick Grayson donning the cowl for Bruce Wayne, this is Doctor freaking Doom picking up Tony Stark’s mantle to do “what needs to be done.” And somewhere along the way, I suspect we’ll gain valuable insight into Doom’s motivations, explore his relationship with his mother, and finally learn how he fixed his face in the post-Secret Wars era. Sounds like a great series! I just wish I wasn’t so distracted by the casual Civil War II reveal.

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