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New Comics: Kaijumax Season 2

This week, Zander Cannon returns with the latest volume of his acclaimed Kaijumax series. On the surface, a series about giant Japanese monsters imprisoned on a maximum-security island, policed by a staff of Ultramen and women sounds like rousing comedic fare. How many chuckles can Cannon elicit with a seemingly ever-expanding lexicon of kaiju-fied prison slang? Answer: many. (“No! Marianas no! I say smooth white balls to that.” Freaking love that.) But this book, like all of Cannon’s work, delves into so much more and, as he explains himself in this issue’s afterword, there is no other medium that allows for truly bizarre explorations of serious subject matter.

“Being bizarre and audacious right from the start gets readers off-balance and gets them to examine a story and forces them to admit they really don’t know how this is all going to play out.”

If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a favor and pick up the Kaijumax: Season One trade. Then, meet back here for the Season Two opener. You’ve now experienced the brilliant audacity of monsters painfully addicted to uranium, and the crooked prison guards who deal in suffering. You’ve wrinkled your brow at brutal assaults and illicit, improbable affairs. And you realize that, despite maybe loving giant mechamonsters and tokusatsu antics as a kid, Kaijumax isn’t for children. And, as a result, you love it all the more. Because now you expect something more.

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2015 First-Half Favorites: Top 5 Comics

I don’t read comics the way I used to. Some weeks, I don’t even make it into the shop until Thursday. But as it is with me and music, I’ve come to rely on this little ragtag batch of Idle Timers to keep me informed and help curate my annual To Read/To Listen/To Watch lists. And pausing halfway through the year to reflect upon which books have already grabbed our attention allows us to acknowledge some good stuff that may or may not have risen to the surface otherwise.

My Top 5 from the first half of the year, in alphabetical order.

Jeremy Baum
Fantagraphics Books

I’m not going to pretend I understood what the fuck was going on in this book. But there was something so mesmerizing about this surreal narrative that I even read Jeremy Baum’s debut comic a second time, in reverse, just to see the way the dream falls back into place.

dorfIt starts like a Jim Woodring comic: innocuous enough, but with that fragile layer separating fairy tale from bizarre fantasy. And down this rabbit hole is a gorgeous blend of sci-fi, elf ears, and eroticism made all the more enthralling by the painstaking artistic detail, right down to the gorgeous hand-coloring. Continue reading 2015 First-Half Favorites: Top 5 Comics