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Moon Knight – Crazy Runs in the Family

Moon Knight comics, particularly in the last decade, have distanced themselves from early Batman comparisons by focusing on the one clearly established difference between the two characters (beyond a polar opposite preference in wardrobe color). While Bruce Wayne’s obsessive nature would test the limits of any human’s sanity, he remains a steadfast bastion of cognitive precision, the World’s Greatest Detective. Marc Spector, on the other hand, has a genuine psychological disorder, that, in the hands of writers such as Warren Ellis, Brian Wood, and Jeff Lemire, adds an engaging level of complexity to every mystery and every storyline.

The first arc of Moon Knight under the Legacy banner, “Crazy Runs in the Family,” concludes with this week’s issue, and, in keeping with recent tradition, and as the title would indicate, it’s been a marvelously offbeat showcase of Spector’s multiple personalities. Despite the expected level of weird, this story by Max Bemis, Jacen Burrows, and Guillermo Ortego has been unexpectedly unique, and maybe the most underrated title in Marvel’s line right now.

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New Comics: Moon Knight

IMG_0638Moon Knight is no stranger to #1 issues. Even before this current All New All Different relaunch, the character has captained a self-titled series eight different times. And that’s just since 1980. No wonder the poor bastard has dissociative identity disorder.

The latest volume, courtesy of Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, and Jordie Bellaire, is the 68th new ongoing series since Marvel kicked off the ANAD initiative last October (which includes a few titles already ticketed for cancellation; Hercules is the only one I’m bummed about). We’re in Week 28 of All New All Different Marvel, by the way, if anyone other than us is still counting.

If anyone can give us a fresh take on a character struggling to figure himself out as well  as his surroundings, it’s Marvel’s current Master of the Broken Superhero.

IMG_0639Lemire got major focus group points on both Hawkeye and Old Man Logan, and his Extraordinary X-Men is one of our favorite team books. But, partnered with the art of Smallwood and Bellaire, this might be his best book in the batch.
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