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Four Color Primer: Psylocke

x apocEntertainment Weekly provided us with the first look, almost a year ago, of Olivia Munn as Psylocke in Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. With no end in sight to the superhero dominance of Hollywood, it means more and more opportunities for B-list four-color favorites to make A-list silver screen appearances. Case in point, that EW cover. Magneto, played by Steve Jobs, everyone knows. That blue monster? Seems important. But beyond the still criminally small percentage of the population familiar with comics and the X-universe, that sexy ninja on the left is a mystery.

2016 promises to be another banner year for capes-n’-tights cinema, with no fewer than seven anticipated movies based on DC and Marvel characters alone. Here’s the second in a series of unnecessarily verbose primers on some of your new favorite superheroes and supervillains. Slightly more subjective than a Wikipedia article, but just as exhaustive, feel free to sift through for enough reading recommendations to know your Betsys from your Kwannons, and your psychic knives from your telekinetic katanas. Continue reading Four Color Primer: Psylocke