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PBC #1: Space Is The Place

We here at PBC are obsessed with making mixtapes. What began as infrequent debates about what we would consider various artists’ best songs, became a structured and rigorous method designed to create the best possible mixtapes. The process begins by the nomination of a theme by the current PBC Chairman, a rotating position that changes monthly. Next they nominate a guest to join the group in curating that theme’s mixtape. Once a theme and guest is chosen a draft occurs. Each member nominates a song to join the playlist. After everyone has picked five songs the PBC ranks the songs based on how well they fit the theme, and how well they contribute to an amazing mixtape. Sometimes we determine that a single song is so integral to the theme that every one of us would pick it; we deem that a “bonus song” that automatically skips the draft and gets to the final mix. The other songs with the highest voted position join the “cut” until the mixtape reaches 80 minutes, the maximum length of a CD.

The PBC is dedicated to preserving the tradition of the mixtape format, therefore part of our process includes tailoring the list to fit this beloved, yet antiquated format. However, we are forward thinking and publish our list through our Spotify account, “instituteofidletime”. Lastly, accompanying each song on the list is a short blurb written by either a PBC member or current guest. This week’s guest is the esteemed DH, who seemed a most appropriate choice considering he is a musician who has composed and performed multiple songs about space, as well as the fact that as a cliff dweller he spends his nights closer to space than any member of the PBC.


Upward has always been the most formidable direction in which one could wish to travel. The energy required to elevate a human body only a few feet above the ground is beyond all but the most agile people. Most simply elevate a few thousand feet every now and again, comfortably staying in the soft, nurturing atmosphere of Earth. Those brave few that venture upward though, beyond our nest and into the vastness of space, they are hailed as heroes. Space is the place for them to engage with the new frontier of humankind. Space is the place for us to manifest our dreams of exploration and wonder. Space is the place where possibilities are as limitless are they are improbable. If space is the place for you, then we have some hazy cosmic jives to set your radio radiating positive vibrations into the void. Good luck travelers. Continue reading PBC #1: Space Is The Place