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Ranking DC’s Rebirth: 20 – 16

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps

Rob Venditti, Ethan Van Sciver, & Rafa Sandoval
Sadly, there is no Red Lantern Cat in this book. However, there are more Green Lanterns than before, and the Sinestro Corps actually seems pretty cool. I gotta say, I’m not very excited about this particular story, although Venditti can write some great, villainous monologues. I’m interested in the dynamic between Sinestro, his corps, and his daughter, but I’m still not into Hal Jordan. I was, however, really excited to see Kilowog and John Stewart, and Sandoval does a pretty good job with his characters. Most of the time I think DC characters look a little silly, and maybe it’s because this book is in space with aliens, but I really like the art. I’d love to see this guy draw some evil red lantern cats… – tyrannoflores

First collection: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Sinestro’s Law (February)



Phil Jimenez & Emmanuela Lupacchino
I’m less into all the Superpeople than I am all the Batpeople, but this story, at least, is interesting. And, despite Matt Santorelli’s efforts at mucking up Phil Jimenez’s pencils with blotchy inks, the art is pretty great. The twist at the ending is good enough to make me want to read on, but I still feel like I’m reading one giant confusing mess of SuperBatComics, and I’m starved for some variety. – MMDG

Is it weird that I thought Lana and Lois were gonna make out in the beginning? It felt like a porno setup. Lois wants to know how Lana taught Clark Kent how to control his powers (how would an Earth girl do that anyway?) I imagine being intimate with Superman is difficult so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that cuddling and making out helped Clark learn to keep his powers under control… – tyrannoflores

First collection: Superwoman Volume 1: Who Killed Superwoman? (May)


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Marvel NOW! – Week 2

Marvel NOW commenced with a bang last week, and the House of Ideas follow suit with… a chuckle? Week 2 is a weird follow-up to a successful launch of the new publishing initiative, but one of the things we’ve loved about Marvel in recent years is that they’ve been willing to take chances – on creative teams, on concepts and styles, and, most importantly, on weird comic book characters. Created by comics legend John Byrne in the pages of West Coast Avengers in 1989, the Great Lakes Avengers were one of the first groups of heroes to feature more quirky, offbeat super-powers. They’ve bounced around, making various guest appearances in the interim decades, changing their name from the Avengers to the Champions to, even, the Great Lakes X-Men. But in this week’s Great Lakes Avengers #1, Doorman, Flatman, Big Bertha, and even Mr. Immortal, are re-uniting and re-establishing that trademarked name.

file_004Flatman, who has a mutant stretching ability (provided he maintains a near-two-dimensional shape), has just been informed that he, because of some legal loopholes and technicalities, owns the Avengers™ brand. Apparently this has more to do with Tony Stark’s as-yet-to-be-revealed post-Civil War II fate. Hints and innuendo are fun fuel for fanboy speculation, but with Victor von Doom queued up to don the armor in next week’s Infamous Iron Man, I’m ready for some legitimate answers.

Instead of selling back the name, Flatman gets what he really wants, and that’s permission to operate as legitimate Avengers once again. So he rallies the troops, and they set up shop in Detroit. Motor City obviously has its share of problems, super-villains included. And the worst thing about the bad guy with pitchforks for hands might be his persistent attempts at dropping shitty puns into his menacing banter.

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