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Batman #21

It’s been a year since DC Rebirth #1 and the reveal of The Comedian’s button and the revelation of The Watchman universe now bleeding into the DC universe. There hasn’t been much since that issue explaining how this happened. Batman #21 kicks off a four-part crossover with The Flash where hopefully questions are answered. This issue goes by quickly – so quick it only takes a minute to read….

1:00 – That’s Saturn Girl from the Legion of Superheroes watching a hockey game inside Arkham Asylum.

0:59 – Saturn Girl is from the future. But what future?

0:58 – Obviously she’s from the future where this hockey player dies in a fight.

0:57 – Saturn girl realizes what “timeline” she is in by watching this hockey game and freaks out!

0:56 – Saturn Girl is figuratively looking down and screaming “save us!” and the answer she receives is a gravelly, whispered voice saying, “No.”

0:55 – Batman has a lot of monitors.

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Ranking DC’s Rebirth: 25 – 21

Justice League

Bryan Hitch, Tony Daniel, & Fernando Pasarin
This is the worst thing I’ve read in a long time. Hitch’s writing and art are super basic. The characters talk like their Silver Age counterparts, announcing their feelings and intentions, making them seem extremely flat. Some of these characters have had the chance to show some depth in their own titles, but in Justice League, they act cartoony, and I don’t mean in a good DCAU way. The story seems to move through expository dialogue instead of being motivated by character’s actions, which wouldn’t be all bad if Hitch could muster up some art that matches what he did in the Ultimates, or Ultimate Fantastic Four. I think taking on both duties is stretching the poor guy thin, which doesn’t give me a lot of hope for this book. – tyrannoflores

Works as a starting point for new readers, but that’s the only good thing it does. Lazy storytelling and even the art seems rushed in parts. The techno-organic space beasty is likely another Watchmen connection, so… enough to keep reading? – MMDG

First collection: Justice League Volume 1: The Extinction Machine (January)



Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, Igor Vitorino, & Felipe Watanabe
Well drawn but that’s all I can give it. Slade is a piece of shit and I’d rather watch him die. They aren’t even straddling the line and I don’t feel too compelled to read more about this guy. This book has badass overload; I don’t need to spend every page seeing Slade fuck, kill, or spit one-liners. Masochism without any sort of examination seems really pointless in this day and age. Won’t be reading more. – MeanOldPig

First collection: Deathstroke Volume 1: The Professional (March)


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