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2015 TUNE TOURNEY: California Round 1 Match-Ups!

Finally, the 2015 Tune Tourney‘s California bracket gets rolling. West coast start-times are such hell for east coast gamblers, we know. Stay up late and watch the game you degenerates; morning SportsCenter highlights just don’t cut it.

After voting for your favorite tune in each of the following four matchups, do the same in the Scandinavia, Oceania, and Canadia regions as well. Polling on all first-round matchups closes next Thursday!

Italians Do It Better is one of the best things about LA, and last year’s Chromatics’ single “Cherry” from the After Dark 2 compilation further enhances the legend. Johnny, Ruth, et al, take on the title track from The Growlers’ 2014 LP, Chinese Fountain

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