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The Martian

that's SIR Ridley Scott, thank you
that’s SIR Ridley Scott, thank you

Ridley Scott has been nominated three times for a Best Director Oscar, but The Martian is the first time his hat has been thrown into the Best Picture  ring. Could be that the Academy finally took notice of the fact that few directors in our lifetimes have been more adept at transforming the movie experience into a journey to another world – an expansive, visual and aural immersion that is as compelling in Ancient Rome as it is in a futuristic Los Angeles. And in an era when folks like James Cameron take full advantage of the technological advances of computer-generated muscle, Scott still finds a way to put those directors to shame.

It is also very likely that the Academy appreciates a film that represents the complete package: a visionary director working with an excellent screenplay, and an inspiring performance by The Martian‘s star, Matt Damon. That appreciation takes the form of Academy Award nominations for both Damon and the screenwriter, Drew Goddard, but, uh… somehow they seemed to have left Best Director off the list. Oversight. Continue reading The Martian