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Ranking the All New All Different Marvel: 20 – 11

Uncanny X-Men

Cullen Bunn & Greg Land
An X-Book that is straight to business from the get-go. This is the classic X-Men premise of mutants protecting the world, and protecting themselves from the world. Except now Magneto is at the center, and he doesn’t seem as peaceful as he’s been in previous conversions. Once you get past the roll call in the first few pages, the real plot picks up, and I’m into the Inhumans/Mutants race war. The “Dark Riders” don’t seem to have a lot of allure outside of being mutant-hating Inhumans, but I’ll look forward to seeing this badass X-team go off on chumps. On a Greg Land note, outside of the cover, it seems he’s stepped back a little from his signature photo-realistic style, and I still think it looks crisp, but now it’s got grit. Also: What happened to Angel? Can we stick a mutant’s brain in there or something? – RF

First collection: Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1: Survival of the Fittest (July)


Squadron Supreme

James Robinson & Leonard Kirk
Awesome. Both James Robinson books are must-reads for me. Feels like one of the early Millar/Bendis Ultimate U books. Maybe it’s a bit confusing with all the references to the Incursions and the atrocities committed by Namor and The Cabal… but I think the shock value is intact. Plus, I freaking hate Namor. – MMDG

This is easily gonna be one of my favorite capes ‘n’ tights books of this ANADM. I have liked the alternate realities of Squadron Supreme that I’ve read, and seeing them combined permanently in the Marvel U (not just an Ultimates crossover) is exciting. I think Marvel is pretty excited too because they’re letting Ross do the covers. The Squadron I’m familiar with has always been about gritty interpretations of classic hero types (Superman, Batman, Flash Wonder Woman, etc.) and the less sentimental Squadron will easily clash with the moral stances of many classic Marvel heroes. I’m surprised this cover doesn’t advertise the Namor fight; that seems like kind of a huge deal. Next issue they face one of the oldest MU characters ever, as well as their newest, strangest Avengers team, and as long as this book can maintain it’s “MAX-line” quality, I think I’ll keep reading. – RF

First collection: Deadpool, Vol. 1: By Any Means Necessary! (June)


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All New All Different Marvel – Week 11

Feeling burned out? Too many new books? Too many Inhumans crashing the woe-is-me mutant pity party? Marvel gets it. So howsabout another light helping of series premieres for week eleven, all of which are genuinely New and Different.

James Robinson follows up Scarlet Witch with a jaw-dropping introduction to the new Squadron Supreme. Starbrand & Nightmask makes another attempt at preserving Jim Shooter’s New Universe legacy. And Mike Del Mundo brings us back to the realm of castoff swords and misfit sorcery in Weirdworld.

The first trade collections of these new series are being released in April, so the Idle Time focus group plans to wrap up our rankings and reviews by the end of March. That doesn’t mean Marvel is slowing down in the new year, however. Check out the announcement for the new Black Panther book, debuting in April.

All New All Different premieres
Squadron Supreme #1
Starbrand and Nightmask #1
Weirdworld #1

Continuing and related titles
All New Inhumans #2
All New X-Men #2
Amazing Spider-Man #1.1
Deadpool #3.1
Illuminati #2
The Mighty Thor #2
Ms. Marvel #2
Silk #2
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3
Uncanny Inhumans #3
Web Warriors #2
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