Avengers vs X-Men! Time to Vote!

This April Marvel Comics is getting some payback on DC by releasing Avengers vs X-Men, a twelve-issue series written by Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman — and drawn by Olivier Coipel, Andy Kubert, and John Romita Jr. Marvel is billing this thing as the biggest event in comics history. Not sure about that (DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths will always hold that rank), but it will no doubt be huge and I’ll be buying the fuck out of it.

Along with the twelve-issue main series, Marvel will be doing a tie-in series called AVX: Versus. These will be one-shot books that feature one Avenger and one X-Men fighting each other – and as Connor Macleod of the Clan Macleod once said, ” there can be only one.” This is a fanboy’s wet dream come true. All those hours spent debating with your nerd friends on whether Colossus could beat up The Thing will now be answered – by writers better than you.

So let’s get to it! Who’s gonna come out on top? Let’s vote!

Up First…

Hawkeye vs Cyclops!

Next up..

Beast vs Luke Cage!


Ms Marvel vs Rogue!

and in this corner…

Daredevil vs Archangel!

The next battle is…

Spider-Woman vs Gambit!

This one should be epic!

Colossus vs The Thing!

Our next fight is…

Iron Man vs Magneto!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Spider-Man vs Iceman!

No pulling hair!

Psylocke vs Black Widow

and the final battle!

Storm vs Thor!


6 thoughts on “Avengers vs X-Men! Time to Vote!”

    1. you know, I didn’t even realize I had called Colossus “Juggernaut” when I was typing up this post. It was just that helmet man! I’m gonna change the name to Colossus.

  1. The results so far!

    Hawkeye 25%

    Cyclops 75%

    Beast 75%

    Luke Cage 25%

    Mr Marvel 37.5%

    Rogue 62.5%

    Archangel 25%

    Daredevil 75%

    Spider-Woman 50%

    Gambit 50%

    Colossus 62.5%

    The Thing 37.5%

    Iron Man 0%

    Magneto 100%

    Spider-Man 87.5%

    Iceman 12.5%

    Psylocke 100%

    Black Widow 0%

    Storm 25%

    Thor 75%

    1. Cyclops is a whiny bitch. Kills me that he gets to stay in the SF Bay while Professor Logan heads back east. Stick an arrow in his junk, Clint.

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