AvX Contest: Week 2 Scoring Update

so close...

Only one book with the AvX banner this week, and New Avengers 24 is mostly flashback setting up the opening bell of last week’s Avengers vs. X-Men 1.

Even so, there’s a tense stretch of four or five pages featuring Luke Cage all riled up and dealing with a crowd of protesters outside Avengers Mansion. Come on, Luke… Say it… Say it…

But no. “In this house” is as close as he gets. Those of you who predicted that “Luke Cage yells “In MY house'” at some point during the event, are going to have to sit tight. No points scored this time around. But don’t worry: there’s a really good chance Cage is going to get pissed off again before this story wraps, and it could very well happen at home.

But for now, the points tally from last week hasn’t changed.


4 thoughts on “AvX Contest: Week 2 Scoring Update”

      1. but in this issue, she is with the Avengers as they briefed, but leaves to be on the X-Men side.

        Cap: Who here knows what the Phoenix Force is?
        Storm: Goddess. *starts to leave*
        Black Panther: Ororo.
        Cap: Let Storm go, Panther. She knows where she has to be.
        Storm flies away to join the X-Men.

      2. True, but we took this to be her initial determination. She never fought with the Avengers against the X-Men. If she later switches sides and re-joins the Avengers, then the scoring chance will validate.

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