2015 TUNE TOURNEY: More Canadia Round 2 Matchups!

It’ll happen one day… A sixteen-seed will take down a top-ranked bracket goliath. But not today. Despite Death From Above 1979 drawing even in the polling against Drake’s top-seeded “Hold On,” the Canadian favorite pulled ahead late to keep his tournament dream alive. Drake moves on to face “Kaputt” after Dan Bejar’s schizophrenic first-round battle resulted in a narrow win for Destroyer over The New Pornographers.

Chromeo and Kevin Drew played another close game, with Dave 1 and P-Thugg pulling off a narrow 55% victory. They match up against The Rural Alberta Advantage, whose “Vulcan, AB” had the highest first-round score in the Canadian bracket, taking 89% in their matchup against Japandroids.

Check out the other two matchups in the Canadia bracket here.
Second-round polls close 6/26.