2015 TUNE TOURNEY: Canadia Round 2

Time for our northern neighbors to get in on the second-round action. First up is second-seeded Grimes with her Majical Cloudz supporting cast taking on Mac DeMarco’s “Passing Out Pieces.” This may or not mean anything, and I realize poll results are shown in percentages, but digging into the post-game statistics reveal that the first-round contest between DeMarco and Arcade Fire had the smallest number of responses of any of the polls. I’m not a betting man… but it seems like we might be looking at another Grimes blowout…

Next up is Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You,” which blew out Alvvays in the first round with an 88%, taking on July Talk and “Paper Girl.”

Check out the other two matchups in the Canadia bracket here.
Second-round polls close 6/26.