2015 TUNE TOURNEY: More California Round 2 Matchups!

There was one shut-out in the first round, and it happened in California. Top-seeded Chromatics lived up to the billing and “Cherry” took every single vote in its matchup against The Growlers. Maybe The Y Axes can prove to be tougher competition. “Neon Street” claimed a 94% blowout victory over Ariel Pink.

This probably doesn’t happen very often, but we have a 12th-seed taking on a 13th in the second round. Both Classixx and Painted Palms advance by slim margins, with 59 and 53% respectively.

Check out the other two matchups in the California bracket here.
Classix vs. Painted Palms wraps on 6/26. Chromatics vs. The Y Axes ends on 6/30.