All New All Different Marvel – Week 5

This is arguably the most exciting week yet in Marvel’s All-New, All-Different era. Four continuing titles serve to illuminate more of the post-Secret Wars world. Seven premieres run the gamut from some of the worst books Marvel has produced in years (willing to bet Drax gets cancelled before we’re even able to round-table our rankings) and some of the most refreshing and entertaining takes on both classic and modern superheroes (Hercules and Vision). We also get a funnybook that is genuinely funny (Howard the Duck) and the first real look at how The X-Men figure into Marvel’s new world order.

This brings the running total of new titles in Marvel’s relaunch up to 23, of a rumored 60+ series.

All New All Different premieres
Deadpool #1
Drax #1
The Extraordinary X-Men #1
Hercules #1
Howard the Duck #1
Nova #1
Vision #1

Continuing titles
Amazing Spider-Man #3
Contest of Champions #2
Doctor Strange #2
Invincible Iron Man #3

asm 3
Amazing Spider-Man #3

Parker the businessman definitely took me for a whirl. Seems like he would be more interested in designing some dorky app and going the startup route than establishing Parker Industries, however long that took. Just seems like it would be the more interesting story to tell where people Parker’s age are becoming C-level executives. Doesn’t dissuade me from following this story arc though. Spidey till I die! – MH

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